No Mans Sky Review: An Acquired Taste

By now everyone has been appraised on the pre-release hype and the post-release controversy...

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Metroid Prime Federation Force - Box Art

Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review

It's difficult to talk about Metroid Prime: Federation Force without first addressing the ongoing...

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Madden NFL 17 MUT Best Defensive Playbooks

Madden NFL 17 Review – A Step in the Right Direction

It has taken EA Sports a few years but the improvements made to Madden NFL franchise are...

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Fallout Shelter Review 01

Fallout Shelter PC Review; Giving Meaning to the Launcher

Three months back, Bethesda Softworks released its own native launcher, simply called

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Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - Box Art

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review – A World That Begs t…

Before heading into the review, it’s essential to point out that I completely missed out on the...

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Umbrella Corps

Biohazard: Umbrella Corps Review – An Embarrassing and Rickety Spino…

Capcom’s decision to comfortably walk away from the survival horror concept of its original...

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The Technomancer Choices and Results Guide

The Technomancer Review – A Disappointing Return to the Red Planet

In 2013, French studio Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive released Mars: War Logs; a...

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Her Story Review – A Simple Dramatic Masterpiece

Full Motion Video (FMV) is a process of using pre-recorded video files and has been utilised as a...

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Review – Complete Package

Coming out as a sequel to Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, a game that has barely had a 2 year run since its...

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The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine update

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Review

After the Poland based CD Projekt Red’s ‘The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt’ exploded on to the global...

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review – Mediocre Parkour Experience

Mirror's Edge is a game that was released in 2008 and featured a unique, free flowing, first-person...

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Hearts of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron 4 Review: Lets You Alter History-Again

If there's one thing that Paradox Interactive is known for, it's making alternate history possible...

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Tracer in Street Fighter V

Overwatch Review – The New Exemplary Class-Based Shooter

Salvaged from the remains of Blizzard’s cancelled Project Titan, Overwatch is a testament to the...

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A Blind Legend Review – An Eye Opening Experience

In an industry dominated by sequels and remakes, it is a rare occurrence to come across a game that...

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Ratchet and Clank Review – A Visually Arresting Remake

Game remasters and remakes regularly get judged on the changes, improvements and faithfulness to...

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Total War: Warhammer Review 01

Total War: Warhammer Review – Epic Fantasy Replaces Mundane History …

For over a decade now, Creative Assembly has been working tediously on the Total War franchise....

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