Horizon Zero Dawn sequel

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Might Feature A Different Protagonist

The launch of Horizon Zero Dawn is just around the corner and critics are loving this game. While...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Blizzard entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista

Blizzard Entertainment has released a statement to announce the end Windows XP and Windows Vista...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Quake Tournament

Overwatch And Battleborn Devs To Go Head To Head In Quake Tournament

We all want to know if the people who develop our beloved are good just as good at playing them as...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Half Life writer

Half Life Writer Leaves Valve

Half Life Writer Erik Wolpaw is known for working on games like Half-Life and Portal. There are...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Bethesda praises Nintendo Switch

Bethesda Praises Nintendo Switch But Not Sure If It Will Be A Success

Nintendo has partnered with dozens of third-party publishers and developers for its upcoming hybrid...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Terraria sales

Terraria Sales Cross 20 Million Copies, Fact Sheet Shared

Terraria sales have gone passed 20 million copies around the world, according to the latest stats...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Nintendo Switch, tear down, 4GB RAM, Samsung LPDDR4

Nintendo Switch Uses Samsung LPDDR4 4GB RAM

Since the journalists are receiving the Nintendo Switch press units for reviews, recently a...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Nvidia, GTX 1080, confirmed, GDC convention 2017

Nvidia Launching GTX 1080 Ti at GDC convention 2017, Confirms io-tech Website

We previously covered the rumor that Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti may be shown at GDC convention 2017...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Nvidia, Hotfix 378.72, launched

Nvidia Released GeForce Hotfix 378.72, Available Now For Download

The latest Hotfix fixes a number of known and reported issues that includes fixing a bug related to...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
NieR Automata artwork

Producer Explains Why NieR Automata Is Not Releasing For Xbox One

NieR Automata has already gone gold and gamers are eager to get their hands on the game. However,...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Battlefield 1 they shall not pass

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass New Mode Detailed!

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC is on the verge of release for those who own a Season Pass....

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Kingdom Hearts 3

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshot Showcases Sora Battling Heartless

It has been a while since Square Enix revealed anything new about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3,...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Gabe Newell

Why Some People Not Happy Working for Valve? Gabe Newell Explains Why

Working at Valve is a dream come true for many. There are developers, software engineers, VR...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Final Fantasy XIV for Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Interested In Final Fantasy XIV For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been insistent on its claim that Nintendo Switch will have full third party publisher...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Devolver Digital's Next Game

Devolver Digital’s Next Game is Coming Out Later This Year

Devolver Digital's next game is coming later this year, according to the latest from the studio....

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
Final Fantasy XV Update 1.5

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.5 Now Available, Brings Timed Quests, Portable Music Player And More

Square Enix has rolled out the Final Fantasy XV update 1.5 that brings performance boost for PS4...

by   /   Feb 20, 2017
For Honor Defense Guide

For Honor Defense Guide – Blocking, Parrying, Guard Break, Throws, Dodges

For Honor Defense Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about mastering defense with...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Switch Mii And Profile Picture Menu Leaked

Nintendo Switch is just a few weeks away from launch and profile pictures and Mii options for the...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Visual

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Hint At KH-Esque Combat System

Final Fantasy VII Remake combat system is being kept under wraps and not much has been shown so...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Fallout 4 Derivable Motorcycle Mod

Fallout 4 Derivable Motorcycle Mod Lets You Drive And Customize Motorbikes

Fallout 4 is an amazing game with a vast open-world to explore. However, to explore this massive...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Tsubame 3.0

Nvidia Will Power Japan’s fastest AI Super Computer, Tsubame 3.0 Launching This Summer

Nvidia will partner with Tokyo Institute of technology for Japan’s fastest AI supercomputer known...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Russian Nvidia Fanboy. murdered, his Friend, over bizzare debate

Russian Nvidia Fanboy Lost His Head in Argument, Murdered AMD Fanboy Friend

A friendly argument between two Russian friends turned into violence when Russian Nvidia fanboy...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One DLC Free For The Weekend

Rogue One DLC was the last expansion released for Star Wars Battlefront and if you want to try it...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Nioh Update 1.02

Nioh Helped “Reach Out To A Brand New Audience”, Says Koei Tecmo’s President

Koei Tecmo published the critically acclaimed action RPG, Nioh. While the company is yet to reveal...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Review Leaked, A Perfect Blend Of Sci-Fi And Fantasy

The launch of the highly anticipated PS4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, is just around the corner...

by   /   Feb 18, 2017