Sikandar Mahmood

An avid fan of stealth-shooter genre, Sikandar is SegmentNext’s Senior Editor. He prefers tactical-based shooters over mainstream titles and regards PS4 and PC as his choice of gaming platforms.

AMD Ryzen

Prices, Wattage, and Clock Speed for All AMD Ryzen Variants Leaked, Available for Pre Order

Online retailers are known for leaking information early and it looks like another major piece of...

by   /   Feb 14, 2017
Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1 Out Now

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.2.1 drivers are now live for AMD hardware users....

by   /   Feb 14, 2017
Free PlayStation Plus

One Month of Free PlayStation Plus Giveaway Now Live

Back when we had PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3, players did not pay for online multiplayer....

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
PlayStation 4 stolen

Bolted Down PlayStation 4 Stolen From Children’s Cancer Ward

A PlayStation 4 stolen from cancer patients... Stealing is not something that surprises us in...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Valve VR

Valve VR Software and Hardware Design Philosophy is Similar to Nintendo

Valve VR Software and Hardware Design Philosophy discussed by GabeN himself. VR is a rapidly...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Resident Evil 7 sales

Where Do Resident Evil 7 Sales Stand?

Resident Evil series had fallen from grace over the years due to mediocre releases such as Resident...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017

Valve Might Move The International If Trump’s Muslim-Ban Remains

Dota 2 The International in trouble? One of the hottest topics on the political scene over the...

by   /   Feb 10, 2017
Destiny 2: forge of hope

Report: Destiny Characters Can’t Be Transferred to Destiny 2: Forge of Hope

Just earlier, we reported that Destiny 2 is dubbed as Destiny 2: Forge of Hope. The game is set to...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
PS4 update 4.50 beta

PS4 Update 4.50 Beta Changelog Leaked

PS4 update 4.50 beta is currently live for beta testers and plenty of details have already leaked...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Destiny 2: Forge of Hope

Report – Destiny 2: Forge of Hope Release Set for November 2017, Coming to PC, First Expansion Already in the Works

The next installment in the Destiny franchise from Bungie will be named Destiny 2: Forge of Hope."...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
fallout shelter

No Plans for Fallout Shelter PS4: Bethesda

Fallout Shelter is a popular iOS and Android game but there is demand for it on other platforms....

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Conan Exiles PS4

Conan Exiles PS4 Still Has No Release Date

Conan Exiles PS4 is in development but the game is currently on available to play on PC and Xbox...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017

Guess How Many Grand Theft Auto V Copies Have Been Sold?

Grand Theft Auto V sales have always managed to blow us away and the latest numbers are even more...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Modern Warfare Remastered UPDATE 1.08

Modern Warfare Remastered New Content Detailed, Special Kits, Weapons and More

Modern Warfare Remastered Update 1.08 is once again reassuring the community that Raven Software is...

by   /   Feb 9, 2017
Project Scorpio

Phil Spencer “Confident” in the Way Project Scorpio Handles Xbox One Games

Project Scorpio has been the topic of hot debate among Microsoft fans in the past year or so. The...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
possible new Assassin's Creed setting

No, Ubisoft is not Working on Assassin’s Creed VR

Assassin's Creed VR is something we all want to see ever since the dawn of PlayStation VR and other...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
PS4 update 4.50 beta

Sony Needs to Pay Attention to this PS4 Update 4.50 Beta Issue

PS4 update 4.50 beta is currently underway which means Sony in testing the waters with new features...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Xbox One Deals With Gold

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Brings

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale has arrived! Xbox One and Xbox 360 users can grab a...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Hideo Kojima believes

No Horror Game Will Ever Be Known as “A Hideo Kojima” Project

P.T Silent Hills was going to be the very first Hideo Kojima horror game with Norman Reedus and...

by   /   Feb 7, 2017
Phoning Home Review

Phoning Home Review – Deeper than Expected

In recent years, most AAA games have offered nothing but disappointment. Major publishers have...

by   /   Feb 6, 2017
Fire Emblem: Heroes review

Fire Emblem: Heroes Review – A Worthwhile Experience

Fire Emblem series has seen its ups and downs over the years but the franchise has always been the...

by   /   Feb 6, 2017
Nioh review

Nioh Review – Our First Game of the Year Contender

Dark Souls games have been at the helm of action RPGs for a long time but a new contender has just...

by   /   Feb 4, 2017
Fire Emblem: Heroes orb farming

Fire Emblem Heroes Orb Farming Guide – How to Farm, Use Orbs

In order to summon heroes in Fire Emblem: Heroes, you need to gather as many orbs as you can. They...

by   /   Feb 3, 2017
fire emblem: heroes marathon guide

Fire Emblem Heroes Marathon Guide – How to Reset Marathon, Marathon Exploit

Like many other mobile games, Fire Emblem Heroes can also be exploited in a limited number of ways....

by   /   Feb 3, 2017
Fire Emblem: Heroes characters

Fire Emblem Heroes Characters Guide: Best Characters, Weapon Types

Fire Emblem Heroes characters are not only interesting but the game sees the return of many notable...

by   /   Feb 3, 2017