Sikandar Mahmood

An avid fan of stealth-shooter genre, Sikandar is SegmentNext’s Senior Editor. He prefers tactical-based shooters over mainstream titles and regards PS4 and PC as his choice of gaming platforms.

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is Slowly Disarming Konami

Hideo Kojima left Konami after decades of working for the company. The break up was painful and...

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Best free games on PlayStation 4

Here Are the Best Free Games for PlayStation 4

The holiday season came and took everything we had saved up in our wallets and accounts. Early...

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Nintendo Switch games

What Does Phil Spencer Think of Nintendo Switch Games?

Nintendo Switch is currently the hottest topic of discussion among gamers. Different opinions are...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 release date

Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Leaked by UK Retailer Again

Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date is something we all want to know as soon as possible. Just...

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Nintendo Switch games

We Have a Steady Flow of Nintendo Switch Games: Reggie Fils-Aime

Nintendo Switch games lineup is being discussed across the internet right now. We are seeing some...

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Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle

Final Fantasy XV The Cerberus Rifle – How to Find

Over the past month or so we have covered Final Fantasy XV in detail. From news to extensive guides...

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most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

Our 10 Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March and throughout this year we are expecting a steady follow of...

by   /   Jan 14, 2017

Blizzard Teases Feature to Save Overwatch Highlights, No Release Date Yet

Playing Overwatch and not being able to save your best plays in-game is a little frustrating. Being...

by   /   Jan 14, 2017
Nintendo Switch UI

Take a Look at Nintendo Switch UI and Touch Keyboard

We have seen what Nintendo Switch looks but today we have a look at Nintendo Switch UI. It is...

by   /   Jan 14, 2017
Nintendo Switch Pre-orders

GameSeek Will Honor Its £80 Cheaper Nintendo Switch Pre Orders

GameSeek is a UK retailer that takes payments upfront when taking preorders. It listed Nintendo...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch games

Let’s Talk Nintendo Switch Games Prices

Nintendo Switch is only a couple of months away now and there are a plethora games in development...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch Japanese Games

Here is Your Nintendo Switch Japanese Games Lineup

We just covered the launch lineup for Nintendo Switch games for North America and now we have...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
XUR items and location

Destiny XUR Agent of the Nine is Back With Bad JuJu and More

XUR is back once again with an array of exotics for Guardians. Prepare your all your Strange Coins...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch games

How Many Nintendo Switch Games Are in Development?

Nintendo Switch is going to release on March 3rd for $299 and with its release, we will see a...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
Ultra Street Fighter II

Ultra Street Fighter 2 Nintendo Switch Confirmed

Ultra Street Fighter 2 Nintendo Switch is now official so it is time to dip our noses in nostalgia....

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch Games Library Includes 3 Popular Ubisoft Games

Nintendo Switch Games Library will slowly expand over the years but so far early signs are good and...

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Nintendo Switch Officially Confirmed

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Nintendo Switch has been officially confirmed by the hardware maker....

by   /   Jan 13, 2017
ps4 UPDATE 4.5

PS4 Update 4.5 Beta Sign Ups Are Now Available

PS4 Update 4.5 beta sign-ups are now available in the United States and Europe. PlayStation 4 users...

by   /   Jan 12, 2017
Halo Wars 2 beta stats

Halo Wars 2 Beta Starting Next Week

Last year, Microsoft gave the community a chance to try out Halo Wars 2 beta but many didn't get...

by   /   Jan 12, 2017
Black The Fall

Black The Fall: Something to Look Forward to in 2017

We can all agree that 2016 was a disaster of a year and so far 2017 is not looking that good. Not...

by   /   Jan 12, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda Project Scorpio

Mass Effect Andromeda Development Started Right After Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Andromeda development started on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC way back in 2012. The...

by   /   Jan 12, 2017
Phantom Dust

Microsoft Finally Gives an Update on Phantom Dust

Microsoft is currently in hot waters as the community is bashing the company for canceling the long...

by   /   Jan 12, 2017
Final Fantasy Games

Nintendo and Square Enix Parted Ways Over Final Fantasy VII, Here’s What Happened

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most successful Final Fantasy games of all time but whenever you...

by   /   Jan 11, 2017
Nintendo Switch games

15 Nintendo Switch Games Registered in Wal-Mart Database

Nintendo Switch games will be revealed in a matter of hours via Nintendo's presentation on January...

by   /   Jan 11, 2017

Can Sony Swoop In to Save Scalebound? The Million Dollar Question

First things first, Scalebound is a Microsoft owned IP so Sony can not release and publish...

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