Brett Wright

SW Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Developers Promise Gameplay at E3

A day after Star Wars Battlefront developers got into a heated argument on twitter, a heartfelt...

by   /   May 15, 2015

Konami CEO Claims Mobile is the Future of Gaming, What About PC, and Hom…

Japanese site My Gaming News Flash posted an interview with new Konami CEO today that could reveal...

by   /   May 15, 2015
No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Getting a Big Push from Sony, Blu-Ray Release Incoming?

Since its reveal at the end of 2013, No Man's Sky has quite possibly become one of the most...

by   /   May 15, 2015
Gears of War

Microsoft Punishes Gears of War Leakers Harshly; Xbox Live Suspensions

So you all saw the sweet leaked gameplay footage for the new remastered Gears of War,...

by   /   May 15, 2015

Several GTA V PC Mods Contain Harmful Viruses!

Over on the NeoGaf forums, user Sentient has warned all PC players of Grand Theft Auto V that some...

by   /   May 14, 2015
Wildstar logo

Carbine Studio Employee Confirms Wildstar Will go Free to Play

As we reported on earlier today, a Carbine Employee in conjunction with a SteamDB listing, all but...

by   /   May 14, 2015

Bethesda Back Peddles on Elder Scrolls Online Activation Issue

Fans continue to shut down any hope game companies have about destroying the used game...

by   /   May 14, 2015

Ubisoft Fires a Rainbow Six Siege Release Date Our Way With Collector’…

The hits just keep on coming from Ubisoft. Today they released a teaser video for Tom Clancy's...

by   /   May 14, 2015
Life is Strange

Life is Strange Episode 3 Release Date Announced

Square Enix has confirmed Life is Strange: Episode 3 will be available from May 19. The third...

by   /   May 14, 2015
Madden NFL 16

New Madden NFL 16 Features – Controls, Game Modes and More

Courtesy of Amazon, we have come to know about some of the new features for Madden NFL 16. There...

by   /   May 14, 2015
New Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Ubisoft Offers Rewards for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Players, Want a …

Assassin's Creed Syndicate was revealed to the world yesterday and Ubisoft opened a Rewards...

by   /   May 13, 2015

Ubisoft Announces E3 2015 Press Conference Schedule

Riding high on their huge Assassin's Creed Syndicate reveal, Ubisoft has given us a time and place...

by   /   May 13, 2015

Destiny 1.2.0 Patch Delayed, House of Wolves Will Have to Wait

After hyping up the release of update 1.2.0 for Destiny after 10 AM PST on May 12th, Bungie...

by   /   May 13, 2015
Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Will Start Differently than Previous Titles

Since the big announcement yesterday, fans have been clamoring for any piece of information they...

by   /   May 13, 2015
Nintendo World Champs

Nintendo is Bringing Back World Championships at E3

This year's E3 is going to be huge for Nintendo. They are holding their digital event of the...

by   /   May 13, 2015

Bloodstained Kickstarter Smashes Goals, Nearing $2 Million Mark

Earlier this week I reported that Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi would be crowd funding his...

by   /   May 13, 2015