Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC Features Triple Fan Cooler Design And 1759 MHz Boost Clock

By   /   Jul 7, 2017
Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate

The GTX 10 series GPUs have been increasingly popular with the people and it is interesting that there are still variants of the GTX 1070 coming out, a year after the initial release date. Here we have the Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC which is an 8 GB GPU based on the Pascal architecture that has a triple fan cooler.

The Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC has a Black and Gold theme which is something that people will be interested in for sure. Plus Black is a color that blends in with other colors very well. The Gold accents are something that can be used creatively. If you are looking for a new GTX 1070 then this is something worth looking into.

While the GPU is unorthodox it has a base clock of 1569 MHz and boosts to 1759 MHz. You also get 1920 CUDA cores along with all the Nvidia options that you get with other GTX 10 series GPUs. While the GPU does support VR there is only one HDMI port, so that will be a bit of a problem for VR enthusiasts. But then again there are plenty of GTX 1070 variants with dual HDMI ports.

Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate

The Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC is 40mm thick and 311mm in length. All you need is a single 8-pin power connector in order to power the GPU. The GPU supports up to 4 displays. If you are in the market for a unique looking GTX 1070 variant then the Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC could be something worth looking into.

There is little news regarding availability at this point but we should get information regarding the release soon enough. The card is expected to come out this month.

Let us know what you think about the Manli GTX 1070 Ultimate Edition OC and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in buying.

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