Steam Review System Will No Longer Account User Reviews Who Didn’t Pay For The Game

By   /   Mar 10, 2017
Steam Review System

Valve is making changes to the Steam review system this week and will be following the roadmap that the company set back in September for the complete overhaul of the system.

After the implementation of the changes to the Steam review system, review scores for those who have not bought the game will not be counted. Meaning those who got the game through a gift, promo codes, during a free weekend or got the game for free, their reviews will not be taken into account.

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However, those who got the game for free or on sale will be able to write the review and it will also show on the game’s page but they will not be taken into account.

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According to Valve, the changes to Steam review system have already started to roll out and the process should be complete in the next few days. This also means that the games who have already gotten user reviews will see some changes due to re-calculation.

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According to Valve, the changes are made to “better reflect the sentiment expressed by invested, paying customers”. However, free-to-play games and free games will be immune to this meaning all the review scores will be counted for these games.

Do you think it is a nice move from Valve to make such changes to Steam review system? Let us know in the comments.