Nioh Kodama Locations ‘Kodama Leader Guide – How to Get Kodama Blessings

By   /   Feb 8, 2017
Nioh Kodama Locations

Nioh Kodama Locations Guide to help you find all Kodama in the game to earn their blessings and unlock Kodama Leader Trophy.

Nioh Kodama are basically green-colored creatures who are scattered all across the game’s world. If you take out time and collect them, you’ll earn their blessings i.e. several bonuses.

These Kodama blessings basically include better item drops, increased Amrita collection, better weapons, and several other bonuses. It’s highly recommended to keep an eye out on Nioh Kodama and get their blessings. However, finding Nioh Kodama is not an easy task as they’re well-hidden in the game.

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Nioh Kodama Locations Guide

Kodama in Nioh are found in the game’s main missions. Before you start a mission, make sure to check out the total number of Kodama you can find in the particular mission. As a general rule of thumb; check out corners, rooftops, behind crates, etc. to find these cute creatures.

After you find a Nioh Kodama, interact with it to send it to a nearby Shrine and move on. There are 150 Kodama that can be found in Nioh. There are a couple of items and abilities that help you track Kodama by marking them on your mini-map.

In our Nioh Kodama Locations Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all Nioh Kodama and unlocking Kodama Leader Silver Trophy.

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Nioh Kodama Blessings

Kodama Blessings are activated at the Shrine. One important thing that you need to note is that the blessings offered by Nioh Kodama are cumulative. For example, if one Kodama offers 5% increase in elixir drop rate, two Kodama will increase it to 10%.

In this section of the guide, I’ve provided an overview of all Nioh Kodama Blessings that you can get:

  • Hunter Blessing: Item Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Healer Blessing: Elixir Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Oracle Blessing: Amrita Collection Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Warrior Blessing: Armor Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level
  • Swordsman Blessing: Weapon Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level

Nioh Kodama Locations

Isle of Demons Kodama

Nioh Kodama #1
From your starting position, head up the hill and find it right outside the house, behind a cart.

Nioh Kodama #2
For the second one, head to the village with a large gate. Once there, find a small opening on the side and get to the other side to find another Kodama.

Nioh Kodama #3
The third one is located on the rooftop of a house near the water, in the burning portion of the village.

Nioh Kodama #4
After heading to the beach, continue towards the ship and head left from the ship’s front. Continue along the path and you should be able to see inside the shallow water.

Nioh Kodama #5
This one is located on the other side of the fence near the Shrine. You should be able to get it after unlocking the shortcut – find it right next to the tree.

Nioh Kodama #6
After getting the previous Nioh Kodama, find a ledge near the path leading from the coast to the Shrine. You should be able to find it sitting on top of this ledge.

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Nioh Kodama #7
This one is also on the rooftop of a house, right next to the watchtower – right next to the gate leading to the beach.

Nioh Kodama #8
You should be able to find a raised rocky platform overlooking the entirety of the graveyard. The Kodama you seek is on this rocky ledge. You should try to find a wooden shed for a better reference.

Nioh Kodama #9
You should be able to find this one near children’s statues placed near the cliffside. Once there, find a nearby ledge and you should get right to it.

The Spirit Stone Slumbers Kodama

Nioh Kodama #1
From the first Shrine, head straight and then left to find the first one sitting on top of a fallen tree.

Nioh Kodama #2
For this one, go past the small shrine and head left from the intersection. Try to stick to your right-hand side and find another Kodama under a tree, behind the house.

Nioh Kodama #3
After getting the previous Kodama, stick close to the wall and you should be able to find another one behind a small house.

Nioh Kodama #4
You need to head towards the large door with a couple of yokai and head left. Go past the two wooden fences and you should be able to find another Kodama at the very end of the path leading to the first shrine.

Nioh Kodama #5
After defeating the boss, head into the next door from the shrine door and you should easily be able to spot it. This is near the box that controls the elevator.

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Nioh Kodama #6
After activating the bottom shrine, continue heading left until you get to a cave with pots outside. Once you’re in the area, search behind the rocks to find it.

Nioh Kodama #7
From the previous Kodama, continue to head in the same direction and head down the stairs from the large room. After heading down the stairs, head right and then left to come across a statue enemy with another Kodama right next to it.

Nioh Kodama #8
After getting the previous Kodama, head up the stairs, head left, and then down a pair of stairs. Continue right and head left from the end. You should find yourself in a room with a set of stairs.

From this area, head right and towards the lit-up vines. Head up the stairs, turn right, and then left to find the last Kodama of this area behind some rubble.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Kodama Locations Guide to unlock Kodama Leader Trophy. If you found anything missing or confusing, do let us know in the comments section below!