Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – How to Access Kid’s Room, Get Attic Remote, Solve Shadow Puzzle

By   /   Jan 26, 2017
Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

The following Resident Evil 7 walkthrough is divided into three section. The article will explain how you can get access to the kid’s room, have the remote to the attic, and also solve the shadow puzzle.

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

How to Access Kid’s Room and Access the Attic Guide

Once you have access to the Snake Key, head to the main hall where you will face a couple of molded. Aim for the head and take them both down. Once you deal with them, go up stairs outside the Recreation Room and use the Snake Key to open the Kid’s room on the South.

You can find some notes, journals, as well as a lockpick in the vase here. Investigate the lamp and press the button to unlock the attic. A ladder will drop down in the corner that will take you up to the attic. You can find the Happy Birthday Tape, Mr.Everywhere and more in the attic.

Solve Judgement Shadow Puzzle

At the end of the attic, there is the Judgement Shadow Puzzle. There is a picture that you need to match, a guy holding an axe. Keep rotating until the picture and the puzzle are the same.

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While  heading back to the main hall, there are no enemies that would bother you. Still, this is Resident Evil 7 so always be on your toes.

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