Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs Now Feature Hyper-threading, AMDs Impacts

By   /   Jan 12, 2017
Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs

Previously Intel claimed that AMD Zen would not be a huge problem for the company and that it would be a minor disruption and from the looks of things it seems that Intel is taking back those words already. We have seen what AMD Ryzen has to offer at both the New Horizon Live Stream as well as CES 2017 event. In response to AMD Ryzen Intel has introduced hyper-threading to Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs.

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Not all Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs will feature hyper-threading. According to reports the following Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs will get this feature:

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Pentium G4620

  • 3.7GHz base frequency
  • integrated graphics HD 630
  • $93
  • 51W TDP


  • 3.6GHz base frequency
  • $82
  • 51W TDP


  • 54W TDP
  • 3.5GHz
  • integrated HD 610 graphics
  • $64

Pentium G4600T

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  • 3GHz
  • HD 630
  • $75


  • 2.9GHz
  • HD 610
  • $64
  • 35W TDP

Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs

The interesting thing to note here is that now there will be little to no difference between these Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs and core i3 CPUs. Intel may have offered hyperthreading with hopes that there will be people interested in this entry level CPU that now has a little better performance as compared to previous generation Pentium processors.

What do you think about these Kaby Lake Pentium CPUs that now feature hyper-threading as well?