Paragon v.33 Comes With Interactive Tutorial, New Skins and More

By   /   Oct 18, 2016
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Paragon v.33 is out now and brings an interactive tutorial, special skins, and much more. Epic has also dealt with a range of different bugs and issues with Paragon v.33.

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The interactive tutorial will help new players learn the basics of Paragon. It is now available in the playlist alongside PvP, Co-op and Solo vs AI. It will take players to a one lane map to help them learn the basics of MOBA.

Epic is also adding spooky Undertow Gideon skin along with Sun Tiger Khaimera and Opaline Fey.


  • Interactive Tutorial added as a playlist option.


  • Fixed an issue which could cause invisible collision near the Red Buff Shadow Pad.
  • Fixed an issue where minions could move without playing a stun animation.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to jump into red lane from the jungle without an ability.


  • Bot behavior towards enemies in the shadow plane has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue with bot position while attacking lane goals.
  • Fixed an issue where GRIM.exe Bot could become stuck during G.T.F.O animation.


  • Killing Spree and Unstoppable Killstreak Announcer VO should now play correctly.
  • Card activation sounds can now be heard by teammates and enemies.
    Volume of card activation sounds increased.


  • New audio added to store.
  • Updated ability level up indicator.
  • Added options to surrender survey
    • “Teammate Disconnected”
    • “Teammate joined late”
  • Added an “Exit Shop” button to the card shop below “Undo”
  • Changed “Team Comm” to “Team Comm/Emotes”
  • Adjusted mouse wheel scrolling through tiled lists.
  • Fix for Grux being offset in lobby.
  • Minion health bars should no longer appear to change slowly.
  • Fixed weekly quest text from take down 350 minions to 400 to match intended number.
  • Fixed weekly quest text from take down 250 heroes changed to 100 to match progress bar.
  • Fixed the bug where “Reveal All” button persists after opening a card pack.
  • Clicking support option in another language will open correct call center URL according to that language.

The rest of the patch notes can be found over at the official website.