Infinity Ward Detailed Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Prestige System

By   /   Oct 10, 2016
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As the release for the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is getting close, the developers are raining new details regarding the game’s multiplayer. This time Infinity Ward has detailed the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Prestige System.

Speaking with PlayStation Lifestyle, Infinity Ward’s multiplayer Project Director Jordan Hirsh dicussed many different aspects of the game’s multiplayer and how it will be new an innovative compared to previous Call Of Duty games.

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He also discussed the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Prestige System. According to him, the prestige system in the game is very close to what the players have seen in the previous games.

The Prestige system as it stands is pretty similar to what players have seen in the past and experienced. So as you Prestige you’ll unlock a Prestige token, and be able to bring over with you one item that would normally be gated via your player rank. Maximum Prestige right now that we’re planning is 10. That’s subject to change based on how things go in the future. We can adjust our experience curve, and we want that experience to be good for pretty much everybody.

While the Call Of Duty franchise is one of the most popular FPS out there, but the series’s popularity is getting somewhat stale, mostly due to the futuristic setting of recent games. However, it is a mega game franchise nonetheless, and according to Activision CEO Bobby Kotic, it is a tremendous responsibility to keep the the franchise fresh and exciting.

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Also the beta for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to start from October 14 for PlayStation 4, and Infinity Ward has also revealed the contents for the beta. As for the Xbox One users the beta will be available for them on October 21.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is scheduled to launch on November 4, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.