Mafia 3 Hot Rod Magazines Locations Guide

By   /   Oct 9, 2016
Mafia 3 Hot Rod Magazines

Mafia 3 comes with a total of 161 collectibles are scattered across the map. It a while to gather all of them but all the hard work is worth it.

It the game, you will come across plenty of Mafia 3 Hot Rod Magazines that filled with pictures and details regarding some of the classic beauties of the time. Keep in mind that you can also use junction boxes to reveal the locations of Mafia 3 hot rod magazines and other collectibles in the area.

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Mafia 3 Hot Rod Magazines Locations

Hot Rod Magazine #1
Dalray Hollow – Visit the Auto Service Store in the area to find the magazine inside.

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Hot Rod Magazine #2
River Row – Go to the train yard and you will notice a train car next to the wall the divides the train yard from the road. The train car has the magazine inside.

Hot Rod Magazine #3
Pointe Verdun – Inside the Best Oil Service Garage. Look for it on a workbench.

Hot Rod Magazine #4
Barclay Mills – Look for a scrap barge across the river. You will find a rust bucket nearby with the magazine inside.

Hot Rod Magazine #5
Downtown – Go to the sewers and look for a workbench that has the magazine on top.

Hot Rod Magazine #6
Frisco Fields – Go to the used car lot to find the magazine on a bench outside.

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Hot Rod Magazine #7
French Ward – Go to the residential area and look for a green open garage with the magazine inside.

Hot Rod Magazine #8
Bayou Fantom – On a workbench inside Targo Filling station.

Note: The guide is work in process and more locations will be added later.