Final Fantasy XV Will Have HDR Support For Xbox One S At Launch

By   /   Oct 7, 2016
Final Fantasy XV Screenshots

Xbox One S is slimmer and a little bit more powerful than the original Xbox One, with features like HDR and 4K. Since the launch of the slim version of Xbox One S, many developers have announced HDR support for their games on Xbox One S. Now Phil Spencer has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will also have HDR support for Xbox One S.

Now, Phil Spencer has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will also have HDR support for Xbox One S.

Phil Spencer announced through his official Twitter account, that Final Fantasy XV will have HDR support for Xbox One S at launch and also said that he can’t wait to play the game.

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As the release date for Final Fantasy XV is getting closer, Square Enix has been revealing new details regarding the game to keep the hype going. Recently, developers released a new gameplay trailer for the game showcasing the Final Fantasy XV Death Spell.

The Death Spell drains the HP of the enemies, and the longer it is active the more it will deteriorate the health of Noctis’ enemies.

Final Fantasy XV is an open world game, and obviously, the game will feature a vast open world for the gamers to explore.

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While we know that a lot of time and hard work has gone into developing this game, and when Game Director, Hajime Tabata, was asked how the game’s map compares to others, he responded that Final Fantasy XV map is very hard to compare to other games as it will take over 100 of hours to complete side quests along with the main missions. The scale of the game is indeed large but it is not simple to compare with others.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.