New Tekken 7 Screenshots, Videos Released By Bandai-Namco

By   /   Sep 16, 2016
Tekken 7 screenshots

Bandai Namco has released a number of colorful new Tekken 7 screenshots that show off a variety of the game’s characters, along with showing off a large amount of gameplay from the game that include a significant amount of Akuma footage, showing us how the Street Fighter antagonist stacks up to the fighters of Tekken.

All of the new Tekken 7 screenshots include cat-girl Chloe, Arabic fighter Shaheen, Asian fighter Josie, the monstrous character Gigas, and Akuma himself. Though most of these are not region-exclusive, Chloe will not be coming to the American version of the game due to the controversy over her original reveal.

They also include a number of combat shots, such as Akuma fighting Heihachi (again), a few shots of Gigas, and more.

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All of the screenshots are bright and colorful and full of detail, and to some gamers might actually look better than Street Fighter 5; for the most parts its characters are realistically proportioned, and the art style seems more appealing than Street Fighter 5’s fairly cartoony, clay-looking style.

Tekken 7 has been available only on arcade consoles in Japan for the past year, but will finally be getting a release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC early next year.

Players will be able to play with Tekken fighters both old and new, and will even have a guest star in the form of Akuma from Street Fighter, who was missing from Street Fighter 5 in favor of the game’s other antagonist Bison, along with Nicalli.

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Tekken 7’s actual console and PC release will be including a number of other content packs, including costumes, stages, items, and characters. It will also be including a story mode, much like the Street Fighter 5 story mode that came out a few months after that game was released.

If you want to take a look at all of the Tekken 7 screenshots that were released, you can look up at the gallery up at the top of the page.