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League of Legends Makes Love to Pokemon, Gives Birth to Amazing New Skins

By   /   Aug 9, 2016

League of Legends and Pokemon are two very different but popular games of all time. Fans of both games are in for a treat today thanks to Disco Heat.

The YouTube channel posted a very interesting video of unofficial skins that bring Pokemon and trainers to League of Legends. They are seen battling it out in the Summoner’s Rift.

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League’s classic monsters are taken over by Pokemon, we have Red Brambleback, Cinderlings as an Arcanine and two Growlithes. Meanwhile, Rift Scuttler is playing Magikarp.

Riot Games and The Pokemon Company should consider releasing official skins. The concept is very interesting and would boost engagement on both ends.

On a related note, Kled Champion was highlighted in a recent spotlight video posted by Riot Games. The video explained Keld’s abilities, skill, and other aspects.

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