Toss Dodos and More in ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One 736 Update

By   /   May 25, 2016
Ark Survival Evolved Update

The ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One 736 Update has come out today, bringing a large number of fixes and new features to the open-world survival game. Weighing in at 1.6 gigabytes of data, the update fixed bugs and also added the ability to pick up and throw dodo birds.

The update, which came out for the Xbox One, completely cleared out all of the dinosaurs on the map called “The Center.” The wipe came because of a number of glitches around various locations on the map, which caused a large number of dinosaurs and other creatures to spawn constantly, which placed so much stress that the Xbox One console serving as the game’s server would crash.

The ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One 736 update also helped to fix a save game issue for single-player and non-dedicated servers for the game, which the previous patch broke. Players should now have access to their previous save games that came before the patch. Players with dedicated servers, however, had their own saves wiped, so they’ll unfortunately have to start over from scratch.

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Thirdly, the update has also given players the ability to pick up and throw multiple objects. These include dodos, dung beetles, and an animal called a Kairuku, which is essentially a penguin. A bug called the Arthropluera now also has the ability to act like a turret, allowing you to set one up to defend yourself against attacks from other creatures or players.

The ARK: Survival Evolved Xbox One 736 update has also given players a new weapon: the Bola. This weapon helps to make the ARK early game much easier by giving players a weapon that can more reliably deal with hostile wildlife or herbivores that are attacking you or running away.

All of the patch’s official notes are available on the ARK: Survival Evolved forums, and you can access them by clicking this link.