Pokemon Sun and Moon May Include a Pokemon Translator

By   /   Apr 29, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon story theory

Junichi Masuda, Director of Pokemon Sun and Moon, once showed interest in including a Pokemon Translator in future Pokemon games.

The story comes via a NintendoLife interview back from 2013 so it has less significance now, but it indeed is something interesting.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Translator

Back in 2013, Junichi Masuda was asked whether there were any features that he wanted to put in Pokemon X and Y. In response, Masuda stated that he wanted to include a Pokemon Translator for Pokemon cries – with text underneath telling players all they need to know about Pokemon cries:

“But one thing that I wanted to put in that didn’t quite make it was a translating machine for Pokemon cries, to find out what they’re saying. So you have this machine, and when a Pokemon cries out something, text would appear telling you exactly what that Pokemon is saying.”

The reason why the idea never got implemented was because it required a lot of time with over 600 Pokemon. However, Masuda stated that Pokemon Translator was something that might appear in the future games:

“Yes, I really wanted to put that in, but then thinking about the amount of text that we would have to include, with now over 600 Pokemon, it would be a really big task. This could be something that might appear in future games, but it sadly didn’t make X and Y.”

Although it is a long shot, but with Pokemon Sun and Moon on the horizon, it would be interesting to see Pokemon Translator in the game.

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Source: NintendoLife.