How to Level Up Fast in Bravely Second: Power Leveling Tips For Early, Mid, Late Game

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Bravely Second End Layer

When we talk about how to level up fast in Bravely Second, the game has multiple grinding strategies and leveling methods to help players level up their characters fast and update as many jobs as they want.

Throughout the course of the game, you will be able to level up your character and hit the level cap. When it comes to our Bravely Second Leveling guide, we rely heavily on Summoner Asterix due to strong magic AOE and various elemental magic attacks.

How to Level Up Fast in Bravely Second: Power Leveling Tips

We have also categorized the guide to help you Power Level whenever you want – early game, mid-game, or late game.

How to Level Up Fast in Bravely Second

Level Up Fast in Bravely Second – The Adventurer
While looking to level up fast, you should search for an area that has an Adventurer nearby. Once you are there, battle through enemies and head over to the Adventurer in order to heal and restore your party. In addition to this, you will also have the ability to save without worrying about losing all your progress.

Level Up Fast in Bravely Second – Post-Game
One of the best ways to Power Level is to use the extended battle feature in order to obtain multiple bonus on battles. To get started, head over to the Geyser Grotto in the Eisen Region.

Once you are there, head over to the last area and to the last map. You will notice that in this area, enemies and you will start the battle with 3BP, allowing you to land your strongest attacks.

You need to eliminate the enemies with your best attacks and repeat the same thing with your other characters. One cycle of this entire process should net you about 20,000 experience and about 800 JP.

You should also consider setting the game to ‘Auto’ and let your battles run in the background! With this, you should be able to reach Level 99 in a couple of hours and increase Job Class to Level 11 in about 15 minutes.

Bravely Second Power Leveling Tips – Based on Levels

Early Game Leveling
During the early game, you need to use the Wizard job class, master triple-wield, and acquire 3x best rods. With that out of the way, head to the place before the fight with Nikolai and Janne. Once there, turn all characters to Wizards and eliminate enemies with 4 braved lightning – rinse and repeat!

Mid-Game Leveling
For this method, you need to have triple-wield, spell-craft, 3x wizard staff, Asterix, and Ziusudra’s Sin. Other than this, the area that you need to be in is just outside Ancheim. The following section outlines the monster combinations that could face and the optimal attack patterns:

Scorpion – Mummy – Scorpion –– Frost All – Frost All – Heat-Dart Mummy
Imperial Dessert Stave – Imperial Dessert Stave –– Ziusudra-Hammer on Both
Sandhopper – Sandhopper – Sandhopper –– Frost All or 1x Ziusudra Summon

Mid-Game Leveling Method #2
For this method, you need to have triple-wield, spell-craft, 3x noxious rod, and Asterix with deus-ex and promethean summon. With that at your disposal, head over to the area outside Yunohana. Once you are there, you need to Brave 4x times and use 2x deus-ex or 2x promethean depending upon the type of enemy you are encountering.

Late Game Leveling
For this method, you need to have quad-wield, triple-wield, spell-craft, 3x rod of ice, and Asterix with deus-ex and water/ice summon. Head over to Harena Sea Caves and Brave 4x times and use 2x deus-ex or 2x Ziusudra’s Sin depending upon the type of monsters you encounter!

This is all we have on Bravely Second Leveling Guide. Don’t forget to share your own leveling tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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