Final Fantasy XV Director Used Less CGI, DLC Plans Discussed

By   /   Apr 11, 2016
Final Fantasy XV Director

Hajime Tabata,  Final Fantasy XV Director shared his thoughts on the ongoing development of the game, the possibility of PC version and DLC plans for the game.

In an interview, he revealed that there are no more demos planned for the Final Fantasy XV.

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When asked about the development of the game he said  that at the moment he can’t tell the exact percentage of completion, they still have six months so they are confident to complete the game on time.

He also said that the team in now working on balancing of the environments, and Engineers have already started optimization while artists are polishing Final Fantasy XV as we speak.

Moreover, Final Fantasy XV doesn’t have as many CGI cutscenes than previous games.

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While speaking about DLC plans, Hajime Tabata stated:

We will make a concrete announcement on DLC later this summer. Our basic commitment about it is that they must be used to extend the gaming experience and ensure that players continue to play. We do not want basic DLC. Instead, we want DLC that can provoke the enthusiasm of players.

Final Fantasy XV has a massive open world but devs are tweaking the game so that players can traverse the environment without any loading screens.