Team Fortress 2 The Mayann Project Takes Us Deep Within Amazon

By   /   Apr 4, 2016
Team Fortress 2 The Mayann Project

Team Fortress 2 community is working on a new project called The Mayann. It has been under development since late 2015 and has just been made public. Team Fortress 2 The Mayann Project, as its name suggest, focuses on making content for TF2 around the Jungle/Mayan theme. Here is a brief teaser of things to come.

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Players will be taken deep within the Amazonian jungle, in the legendary Mayann Ruins. The project comes with a 6 minute movie featuring our nine favorite mercenaries.

You will embark on an epic adventure to steal the Golden Idol from a Mayaan temple. You will receive plenty of community created content such as cosmetic items, maps, taunts, and unusual effects.

If you want to participate in Team Fortress 2 The Mayann Project, all you need to do is submit your content to TF2 Steam Workshop using an official item thumbnail design. You can download the thumbnail design by following the link here.

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The content you create must have one of the following themes:

  • Mayan Tribe Culture theme
  • Adventurer / Explorer theme
  • Jungle / Rainforest theme

There are some other project guidelines that you’ll need to follow. Head over here to know more.