Destiny XUR Items and Location; The Taikonaut, Apotheosis Veil

By   /   Apr 1, 2016
Destiny xur agent of the nine

Destiny XUR Agent of the Nine is back and we have XUR items and location for you right here. The exotic bendor once again has a bag full of goodies like Exotic gear, weapons and upgrades.

Here the full list:

The Taikonaut

Defense: 280
Intellect: 36
Strength: 31

Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

Defense: 280
Strength: 57

Apotheosis Veil

Defense: 280
Intellect: 62

Exotic Engram Gauntlet and Legacy Engram Body Armor

XUR has has opened shop in the Tower North near the Speaker’s Observatory.

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