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Halo 5 Warzone Firefight Gameplay Shows Ambitious New Multiplayer

By   /   Mar 21, 2016

343 Industries is developing Warzone Firefight to be “the biggest Halo cooperative experience ever in franchise history,” and if you have been out of the loop on this one, the Halo 5 Warzone Firefight gameplay footage above will bring you up to speed.

In Warzone Firefight, you get to play in a co-op with up to eight players who will be working “together to complete five rounds of increasingly difficult, dynamic objectives set against a timer to emerge victorious.”

The Halo 5 developers have promised that they will be sharing more details on the new multiplayer later down the line, but until then we suggest you check out the Halo 5 Warzone Firefight gameplay above and tell us what you make of playing side by side with seven players.