Clash Royale Cards Strategy Guide – Tips, Counters, How to Play

By   /   Mar 19, 2016
Clash Royale

Clash Royale cards guide to help you learn more about how to play and counter every card in the game.

There are plenty of cards to play in SuperCell’s Clash Royale. Each of these cards are unique in their effect and when used properly; can turn the tables in a battle.

Clash Royale Cards Guide

This guide essentially details how to play and counter each and every card in the game which will help you out in the long run:

Training Camp

This card can one-shot Spear Goblins, Goblins, Goblin Barrel, Minions, Skeletons, Princess, and more. It can also put the user on an elixir advantage. To counter it, you need and try to force it out before sending in Minion Swarm or Goblins.

This card works similar to Arrows, but must be used behind a tower or a tank. When behind a tower, you can use a Fireball to counter it and when behind a tank, a Knight should suffice. Moreover, it only requires 2 tower hits to go down.

This card is weak, but can dish out a lot of damage. There are things such as Wizards, Baby Dragons, Bombers, and Fireballs which can easily destroy the card. However, when using Fireballs; make sure to damage something else to maximize output.

This card is pretty tanky and can dish out a lot of damage; specially to towers. Due to its melee nature, air troops work really well against it! You can also use Bombers or Wizards to do the job, but only if there is a tanky unit to absorb the damage.

This card can play similar to Arrows in the sense that it can one-shot most of the unit including Bombers, Wizards, Musketeers and others. As for countering it, you can do so in the same fashion as with Arrows.

Mini Pekka
This card has quite less HP, but deals insane amount of damage. You need to have a tank to absorb all the damage or Pekka will die in a heartbeat. To counter it, you can distract it away from the tank and do the deed.

Just as Pekka, Musketeer can also dish out a lot of damage, but die quickly. You need something like a tank or a tower to absorb the damage while Musketeer deals the damage. As for counter, it can be done with Knight, Fireball, or Goblin.

This card can be used to protect weak units behind it and target buildings. In order to counter it, you can use Cannon or Tesla to distract it while dishing out some damage. Goblins and Barbarians can also do a lot of damage to the card.

Lastly, do note that there is no use pushing a lone Giant without any backup. Have Fireball or Arrows behind the Giant as it breaks through enemy defenses.

The card is quite agile, tanky, and deal a lot of damage which is increased by x2 on the next hit. As for countering it, you can use Skeleton Army, Tombstones, Goblins, and Spear Goblins. Deploy them in such a way that Prince receives max tower damage.

You essentially need to distract the Prince while the tower does its job and eliminates it.

Baby Dragon
Probably the best card in the game, BD can easily eliminate anything in its way, however, Musketeer, Tesla, and Inferno Towers can trade with it. If you do not the units, let BD lock onto a tower and use Spear Goblins and Arrows to deal damage.

Lastly, it is important to note that BD does not deal much tower damage, but other than this, it can eliminate most of the units with its splash damage alone.

Skeleton Army
The card is quite good for surrounding and eliminating large threats, but struggle against BD, Wizard, Bombers, or almost anything with splash damage.

Aside from skeletons, Witch is capable of dishing out a little damage, but can easily be taken out with a Fireball or Knight.

Goblin Stadium

Spear Goblin
The card spawns 3x Goblins having quite decent damage which is why a lot players use them a lot. Anything with splash damage can easily eliminate all 3 with a single hit, but you can also use Fireball if there are other troops in there as well.

Lastly, do note that since towers can easily eliminate the card without sustaining any damage, you can save your troops.

The card is same as Spear Goblins and can be countered exactly as Spear Goblins.

Goblin Hut
The card can be used at the same time with other troops. However, you can leave them alone if there are a couple of them and let the tower deal most of the damage. Do note that Lightning or Poison to dish out heavy damage to them.

This card deals splash damage all around, but can easily be eliminated with a Knight. You can also use Barbarian, but expect the card to sustain some damage.

This card is capable of dishing out damage both to towers and troops at the same time. However, the downside of the card is that it is quite expensive to use. You can use it to clear Hut, Xbow, and defense.

Goblin Barrel
The card can dish out some insane damage to towers if left unchecked – works well when thrown on top of the tower. You can use Fireball or some cheap troops to divert the card’s attention away from the tower.

Bone Pit

The card is quite good when it comes to distracting troops away from the tower or dealing with Prince and Hog Rider. However, the card can easily be countered with anything with splash damage.

If you wish to use Fireball or Arrows to deal with the card, make sure to maximize the output. If not possible; there is no point using Fireball or Arrows.

The card can be considered as aerial Spear Goblins and can be dealt as such. As with Spear Goblins, you can leave the card to towers or use Fireball if there are some other troops nearby. Zap can also deal with them effectively!

The card can easily deal with Prince and Hog Rider while stationed on defense. However, when it comes to countering it, you simply need to increase your troops to get past them.

Bomb Tower
The card not only deals insane amount of splash damage, but is also very tanky. However, it is potentially useless against aerial troops which is where Minion and Baby Dragon come in.

However, if you wish to rely on ground troops, you can use them behind something like a PEKKA, Golem, or Giant.

Giant Skeleton
After the death, the card drops a bomb that deals almost 50% damage to the tower. To counter it, you need to lure it away from the tower and use cheap troops to deal continuous damage.

Do note that you need to keep it away from the tower as much as possible – this is more important than eliminating it near the tower.

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