Street Fighter 5 Ryu Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

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Ryu has been an integral part of Street Fighter Universe for as long as I can remember! Being the lead protagonist of Street Fighter series, Ryu has been a part of every cross-over and mainstream Street Fighter game.

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Street Fighter 5 Ryu Guide

This guide details tips on playing as and against Ryu along with some basic combos and juggles listed to help you out!

How to Play as Ryu

When it comes to Rye, your primary offense tool is none other than Hadoken; especially the fast-travelling one which is executed using HP.

However, one thing that you need to understand about using Hadokens is the fact that you are better off using it as a mid-range pressure tool rather fullscreen pressure tool.

This is due to the fact that it is almost impossible to jump over these without getting punished at mid-range. Therefore, you need to apply as much Hadoken pressure as possible – look at how Daigo plays and you will definitely learn!

By doing so, you will force your opponent to execute a bad-timed jump which you will be able to heavily punish using a Shoryuken which can be cancelled into Critical Art.

Lastly, his standing MP and HP are brilliant combo starter so do consider using them while you are applying pressure at mid-range using Hadoken.

How to Play against Ryu

One of the biggest changes that Ryu has undergone in Street Fighter V is that he can no longer spam you with crouching MK cancelled into Hadoken because it is highly punishable in SFV.

Capcom has made it significantly easy to advance by simply blocking the projectiles and closing in slowly. In addition to this, if you are fighting at close range, you can easily interrupt his Hadoken with a simply jab or low attack.

Moreover, his standing ‘f + HP’ combo starter can also be punished with a 2/3 frame attack. You will see most of players going with wake up Shoryuken to avoid frame traps which you can punish by evading and Crush Counter combo.

Last but not the least; Hadoken(s) are a tad easier to avoid in Street Fighter V. Therefore, when going against a Hadoken-spammer, you should always try to find a pattern and retaliate with a cross-combo.

All in all, it should not come as a surprise that despite the fact that Ryu is ideal for almost any situation in the game; none of his attacks in Street Fighter V are exceedingly overwhelming and can be tackled rather easily.


Combo #1
MP, f, Cr. + HP, XX…


  • QCB + HK
  • fQCF + HP
  • fQCF + HP, XX, Critical Art

Combo #2
Corner, MP, f, MP, XX, HP, XX, HK, XX, HP + HK


  • fQCF + LP, fQCF + EX Punch
  • QCF + EX Punch, fQCF + EX Punch

Combo #3
f + HP, f, MP, XX…


  • fQCF + HP
  • fQCF + HP, XX, Critical Arts
  • f, MP, f, MP, XX, QCB + EX Kick
  • LK, XX, QCB + EX Kick

Combo #4
b + HK, f, LK, XX…


  • fQCF + HP
  • QCB + LK
  • QCB + EX Kick

Combo #5
Cr. + LP, f, MP, f, Cr. + MK, XX…


  • QCB + EX Kick
  • Critical Art
  • QCB + HK
  • QCF + EX Punch

Combo #6
Counter Hit with HK, f, MP, f, Cr. + HP, XX…


  • HP + HK, f, Cr. + HP, XX, fQCF + HP, XX, Critical Art
  • fQCF + HP, XX, Critical Art
  • fQCF + HP

Combo #7
Counter Hit with HK, XX, HP + HK, f + HP, f, MP, f, Cr. + MK, XX…


  • QCB + EX Kick
  • QCB + HK
  • Critical Art

Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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