Street Fighter 5 FANG Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

By   /   Feb 22, 2016

F.A.N.G. in Street Fighter 5 is one of the 4 new fighters in the game who is also one of the bosses. Furthermore, F.A.N.G. is also the franchise’s only character that deals DoT damage.

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Street Fighter 5 FANG Guide

The guide details some tips and strategies to play as F.A.N.G., his counters, and some potential combos to use during the battles:

How to Play against FANG

F.A.N.G. in the game has a lot of poke, but struggles when it comes to dishing out sheer damage.

If you prefer an aggressive style of play, you need to keep him pinned down and restrict his ability to case Nishikyu and EX Ryobenda. Furthermore, you can easily counter Sotoja with a full combo.

F.A.N.G. is also unable to compete with other fighters when it comes to sheer fireball exchange. You can force him to use his forward Nikankyaku which you will be able to punish rather easily.

It goes without saying that you can easily punish him during Ryobenda LK and Ryobenda HK recovery phases. As soon as you see him activating his V-Trigger, you need to back off or you will receive DoT.

At this point, you need to remember to dish out something which can easily penetrate his toxic gas without actually going in. Last but not the least, do note that he cannot KO you with poison and must activate Critical Art or any other clean hit.

How to Play as FANG

Although F.A.N.G. is pretty squishy and does not deal a whole lot of damage, it is never a good idea to play extremely defensive.

You should always try and use his decent mid-range attacks in order to apply continuous pressure on your opponents and avoid cornered by them. When it comes to zoning, Nishikyu is the natural tool at your disposal.

The attack not only allows you to close in the gap, but also provides you with a chance to become more offensive by cancelling the final animation of the poison toss into Nikankyaku. From this point, you will not only be able to bait out your opponent, but also punish whiffs before starting the poison zoning game again.

Coming to anti-air attacks, you have crouching HP and standing MK at your disposal. While you are playing the game on mid-range, you should also try and go with standing HK which is not only a safe poke, but an excellent combo starter. Last but not the least, the crouching HK at your disposal is invaluable when it comes to punishing whiffs and to generally leave your enemies guessing.


Combo #1
LP (Charge B), f, MK (1-Hit), XX…


  • Charge, F + MP, XX, Shishiruirui
  • Charge, EX Sotoja Charge
  • Charge, EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge, EX Sotoja Charge

Combo #2
HK, Charge, XX…


  • DB While Charging, Cr. + MP, XX, f + LP, XX, Shishiruirui
  • DB While Charging, Cr. + MP, XX, EX Sotoja Charge
  • B While Charging, MK (1-Hit), XX, EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge B, EX Sotoja Charge

Combo #3
Senpukuga, Charge B, XX, Senpukuga Follow-Up, f, MK (1-Hit), XX…


  • EX Sotoja Charge
  • f + LK, XX, Shishiruirui
  • EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge B, EX Sotoja Charge
  • f + MP, XX, Shishiruirui
  • HP + HK, f + HP, XX, EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge, EX Sotoja Charge

Combo #4
UF + HP, Charge B, HP, XX…


  • f + HP, XX, Shishiruirui
  • EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge B, EX Sotoja Charge
  • HP + HK, f, HK, f, Cr. + MP, f + LP, XX, Shishiruirui

Combo #5
Cross HK, HK, Charge B, XX…


  • Cr. + MP, XX, f + LP, XX, Shishiruirui
  • Cr. + MP, XX, EX Sotoja Charge
  • MK (1-Hit), XX, EX Ryobenda Charge, Charge B, EX Sotoja Charge
  • Cr. + MP, XX, HP + HK, Charge B, f, HP, XX, Shishiruirui

Lastly, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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