Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Killer Instinct Hit PC in Early 2016

By   /   Dec 21, 2015
Gears of War oNE Shots Kill

Gears of War Ultimate Edition was released to Xbox One in August this year and it has been over two years since Killer Instinct launched. However, both the games have been kept exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles until E3 this year where the company announced PC versions for both.

Since there are tons of fans for both the fighting game series as well as the sci-fi third person shooter, we have got a lot of eyes set on their release.

Microsoft is yet to announce an official release date for either one of those titles, but recently we got a smaller window. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox division at Microsoft was asked by a fan whether the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct could be expected in the first quarter of the upcoming year.

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In his reply, Spencer revealed that although they have not announced an exact release date yet, fans can expect the games to be released early instead of “too far into 2016.”

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Fans have been waiting for the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct since half a year now, and it would not be nice for Microsoft to keep them waiting for a whole year.

In parallel news, however, Halo Reach has arrived on the Xbox One thanks to the backwards compatibility feature which means you can bring back old memories with the new console now.

Also, if you are looking forward to everything else that is coming your way in 2016, here is our videogames release calendar for the next year – inside, you will find all the games that have been given a fixed release date as well as the ones that are confirmed for releasing next year.

About the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct, check back later for an official release date.