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Unravel Story Trailer is Gorgeous and Kind of Daring Too

By   /   Dec 17, 2015

Coldwood Interactive’s amazing Yarny adventure, Unravel, is supposed to start unraveling our world in February next year. However, the game is just too gorgeous for us to wait that long. If you want to see for yourself, check out the official story trailer above.

Although it doesn’t really share much, other than things we already know i.e. how the ball of yarn – our guy – gets away from a home and goes on an adventure.

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However, the Unravel story trailer is also, kind of, daring insofar as the world’s view from Yarny’s perspective is concerned. We see him facing cranes, birds, puddles of water (which, for him would be nothing less than major lakes) and so on.

Check out the video above while you wait for the February 9 release date of Unravel.