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Street Fighter V Video Shows 16 Launch Characters

By   /   Dec 7, 2015

A new video for Street Fighter V has been released by Capcom. The footage gives us a look at the 16 launch characters from the game.

We are given a look at Ryu, Ken, Necalli Chun-Li, Nash, Birdie, Rashid, Dhalsim, Vega (who is Balrog in Japan), Zangief, R. Mika, Laura, Karin, Cammy, M. Bison (known as Vega in Japan), and the recently announced F.A.N.G.

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Capcom also provided us with details related to post-release content for Street Fighter V. According to the studio, players will have two choices; they can either earn “Fight Money” via matches in-game or head to the PS Store or Steam to purchase in game currency to unlock characters etc.

100 Zenny is equal to $1, here are full details of its pricing.

  • 100 Zenny = Purchase for $0.99
  • 550 Zenny = Purchase for $4.99 (receive a 50 Zenny bonus)
  • 1200 Zenny = Purchase for $9.90 (receive a 200 Zenny bonus)
  • 4000 Zenny = Purchase for $29.99 (receive a 1000 Zenny bonus)

Street Fighter V will release in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. For now, Capcom doesn’t seem interested in bringing it to Xbox One. Infact, Yoshinori Ono said advised Xbox One fans to save $300 and get a PS4 if they wish to play Street Fighter V.