Resident Evil 2 Remake is Being Built “From the Ground Up”

By   /   Dec 3, 2015
resident eVIL 2 REMAKE

Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced back in August by Capcom. Nothing much was known about the game but recently Capcom referred to it as a “remaster” in its financial report.

This resulted in speculations that the game is just a simple port of the original title, and not a full remake. However, that isn’t the case; Capcom just clarified that the game is being built from the ground up. It will be a complete remake of the classic PS1 horror game.

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Turner further said that more details about the project will be shared in due time, so fans need to be patient. Over the past year or so, Capcom has worked on plenty of remakes for previous Resident Evil games.

Rumor has it that a remaster of Resident Evil 6 is also being worked on, but fans look more interested to know about Resident Evil 7. Sadly, Capcom isn’t too eager to share any details.

When will Capcom discuss the next installment? It is about time, isn’t it?