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First Total War Warhammer Gameplay, Details Shared

By   /   Dec 3, 2015

Creative Assembly has shared the first footage of Total War Warhammer gameplay which features the Grand Campaign so that you guys know exactly what is coming your way next year.

Other than this, they have also shared some details regarding the gameplay and features. Alongside the footage, Ian Roxburgh, game director said that whether they are fans of Total War or Warhammer, people have been wanting to know “what kind of slant we’ve put on the campaign map design for Total War: Warhammer.”

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He continued:

We’ve gone to great pains to ensure we bring the hugely popular, lore-detailed world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to life with the most detailed and graphically impressive campaign map we’ve created to date.

However, he left the rest for the Total War Warhammer gameplay video to explain. We have embedded the footage above. Do tell us what is being done right once you have watched it.