God of Ballerina in the Works At Sony Santa Monica?

By   /   Dec 1, 2015
David Jaffe

Update: This is just wrong!


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Original Story: PlayStation Experience is right around the corner and studios are busy teasing their current unannounced projects. One of these studios is Sony Santa Monica, the one behind God of War series.

Naturally, when I mention “tease” and “Sony Santa Monica” together, the first thing that comes to mind is God of War 4. It was a part of our predictions list for PlayStation Experience, and millions of fans are waiting for this to happen.

The announcement was expected to be made at E3, but now we have our eyes set on PSX this Saturday. Sony first teased God of War 4 via a brief video for a Kratos figurine. At the end of the video we saw four Omega Signs. This led us to believe that God of War 4 is indeed under development and is on its way to PSX.

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However, Sony Santa Monica has now teased something strange which in no way fits in with Kratos or God of War. Instead, it looks like God of Ballerina?

God of Ballerina

Sony Santa Monica shared four different Gifs on Facebook, NeoGaf, Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. What you see above, is all of those Gifs put together into one so you can better understand what’s being teased.

So what do you think? A new IP? God of Ballerina Wars?