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Check out Kanye West’s Flashing Lights Remade in GTA 5!

By   /   Nov 20, 2015

With a game like GTA 5 and the creation tools provided by Rockstar Games to the community, it is almost possible to make anything in the game. While every day we get a bunch of interesting videos, the one we are talking about right now is a class apart.

A Youtuber has completely recreated Flashing Lights, the insanely popular Kanye West song inside GTA 5! The guy has censored a few parts of the original video, like how the girl kills the guy, but that is understandable.

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We have embedded the video above. Check it out, its good work! Moreover, in case you are looking to see how good the recreation is, check out the video below to see a shot by shot comparison between the original music video of Flashing Lights by Kanye West featuring Dwele and the GTA 5 recreation of the same.