Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains Guide – Tips, Abilities, Strategy

By   /   Nov 17, 2015
Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront heroes and villains guide with tips and strategies to play each one effectively.

Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains

There are multiple heroes and villains that being their might to battle and change its course. Each hero and villain in the game is equipped with his or her unique equipment and abilities which, when used correctly, can lead your team to an easy win.

This guide details each hero and villain in Star Wars: Battlefront, provides an overview of their unique abilities, and contains tips and strategies to play each one of them effectively:

Darth Vader

Vader is a strong melee character, but is restricted due to his speed. He is unable to run, but can jump really high which is a pretty good compensation for decreased agility. He can easily deflect incoming projectiles and can outperform his opponents in one-on-one combat.


Force Choke

Using his Force power, Darth Vader can render enemies defenseless by picking them up and choking the life out of them.

With this ability, you are almost certain to get a kill, but you need to choose your target wisely. In addition to this, there are some enemies who are immune to this ability — rendering it useless.

Saber Throw

Darth Vader throws his lightsaber forward and hits everything within the throw range. The lightsaber is then instantly returned via Vader’s Force ability.

This is not the best ability, but it allows Vader to eliminate enemies at a distance. It’s a one-shot ability, but leaves him defenseless.

Heavy Strike

Darth Vader spins in a full 360-degree turn, using his full strength to take out anyone within reach.

In case you are surrounded by enemies, use this ability to get rid of them for good.

Luke Skywalker

Just like Darth Vader, Skywalker really outshines in one-on-one combat due to melee nature of his character. However, his increased movement speed allows him to close the gap between him and his targets. In addition to this, he can also escape using his Force Push. Similar to other heroes and villains, Skywalker also has three abilities:


Force Push

Using his Force power, Luke can send a wave of energy toward his target, dealing heavy damage and pushing the foe back some distance.

This ability allows Luke Skywalker to instantly eliminate an enemy and can also be used to escape battles.

Saber Rush

Luke lunges forward using Force energy and takes a wide slash at whomever is at the end of his lunge.

This ability is Skywalker’s main gap closer which allows him to reach out to out-of-range targets in no time. In addition to this, it deals great damage, provided that you land it correctly.

Heavy Strike

Luke spins in a full 360-degree turn, using his full strength to take out anyone within reach.

In case you are surrounded by enemies, use this ability to get rid of them for good.

Boba Fett

Fett is primarily a ranged character and only outshines in this role. You should always try and keep him at a safe distance and eliminate enemies from afar.

Although he can do well in close-quarter engagements, he is pretty squishy and such encounters should be avoided. In addition to this, his jetpack allows him to traverse the map like no one else which can also be used as an escape or to catch enemies off-guard.


Wrist Rocket

Boba Fett has a highly explosive wrist-fired dart that has a wide explosive range and can be fired from any location.

This thing has a pretty decent range and can be used to eliminate multiple targets at the same time. In addition to this, you can also use this ability in order to take out heroes who has deflection abilities.

Flame Thrower

Fett’s wrist-fired flamethrower launches a stream of short-range fire, useful for affecting multiple enemies within range.

Flame Thrower is more of an escape ability rather an offensive one. But in addition to using it in order to escape, you can also use it to poke enemies.

The idea of using Flame Thrower effectively is to combine it with Jetpack. You should always leap into the air, use Flame Thrower on a group of closely assembled enemies, and get away from the area quickly.


The jetpack attached to Boba Fett’s back allows him to jump and reach most heights or fly over the battlefield eying his prey.

The jetpack is easily one of the best abilities at Boba Fett’s disposal. You cannot only use it in order to poke enemies, but can also use it to escape plenty of fights and even reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Players can also use it to find a number of collectibles scattered across maps in Battle Missions and Survival Missions.

Han Solo

Similar to Boba Fett, Han Solo is a ranged character that should not be brought into the heart of the battle.

Instead he should be used in order to eliminate enemies from afar. His blaster is easily his best arsenal! It is a single-shot blaster having insane damage output and pretty solid range.

However, you need to land your shots accurately in order to play him effectively.

In addition to this, all of his abilities complement each other which can be combined in order to increase their maximum effectiveness and give Solo a chance to stand against galaxy’s mightiest foes.


Rapid Fire

Han Solo can rapidly hip-fire his blaster pistol without it overheating.

This ability is a great offensive tool which can also be used to escape fights. Like I mentioned above, Han’s blaster is probably one of the best in the game and this ability further enhances its effectiveness.

You can use this ability in order to take out a group of enemies within a matter of seconds. But since we are talking about hip-fire, the ability should be used at close to medium range.

Lucky Shot

This incredibly powerful blaster shot deals an area-of-effect explosive damage, effective against opponents and vehicles.

If you really wish to outplay your opponents while playing as Han, you need to learn to use this ability effectively. You simply cannot go wrong with this ability and should use it as much as possible — both against enemy players and vehicles.

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