Black Ops 3 Zombies Weapons, Upgrades, Power-Ups, Perks Guide

By   /   Nov 8, 2015
Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil

Black Ops 3 zombie map, Shadow of Evil, weapons, perks, and power-up guide with tips and strategies on how to best use them.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Weapons, Upgrades, Power-Ups, Perks

Weapons, Perks, and Power-Ups are the keys to survival in Black Ops 3 zombie mode.

Since the zombie mode this time around is quite harder than what fans are used to, it’s crucial to get all the help that you can gather.

This guide details everything you need to know about all the Weapons, Power-Ups, and Perks in Shadows of Evil and the Giant along with tips and strategies for using them most effectively:

Black Ops 3 Zombies Weapons

Assault Rifles

This weapon has a high rate-of-fire with medium recoil and a fast reload time.

You can get this as a Wall Weapon and it is pretty decent to kill a large horde quickly. When used with Pack-a-Punch, it becomes Anointed Avenger and gains increased magazine capacity, more ammo, and increased damage.

It is a three-round burst Assault Rifle which can be used to score headshots and clean up hordes of zombies. You can acquire it as a Wall Weapon in the zombie mode.

This is a high damage Assault Rifle in the game with moderate recoil and fairly slow rate-of-fire.

For this reason, you shouldn’t consider using this weapon at close range. It’s best used at long range. The weapon changes into Dead Armada when Packed-a-Punched.

This is a fully automatic Assault Rifle which has the best rate-of-fire in the category.

In addition to this, this has the very low recoil which makes it an ideal weapon to score headshots and clear up waves of undead. It changes into High Velocity Kicker when Packed-a-Punched.

This weapon has the slowest rate-of-fire among Assault Rifles, but the high damage output renders it very effective against first 10 waves of undead. When used with Pack-a-Punch, this weapon changes into Cumulus Struggle.

This four-burst weapon is amazing when it comes to scoring headshots and clearing up waves of undead. It changes into The Unspeakable when used with Pack-a-Punch and gain additional damage.

This is a Mystery Box weapon in the zombie mode which upgrades into the Illuminated Deanimator and gain additional damage, ammo reserve, and clip size.

Sub-Machine Guns

The Bootlegger is exclusive to the zombie mode and upgrades into Ein Sten which has higher damage output, large magazine size, and range.

This is an all-rounder SMG which lacks when it comes to effective range, but with all those zombies trying to get onto you, the factor becomes non-existent. The weapon upgrades into Crocuta when used with Pack-a-Punch.

This weapon has a high damage output and rate-of-fire, but is highly inaccurate when it comes to scoring headshots.

However, with an entire wave upon you, you just spray it and you’ll get out alive. This weapon upgrades into Impaler when used with Pack-a-Punch.

This weapon is available both on Shadows of Evil and the Giant and is a pretty good all-rounder SMG. When upgraded with Pack-a-Punch machine, it changes into the Infernus and gain additional damage and ammo capacity.

This four-round burst weapon has a high rate of fire which makes it easier to fire continuously and makes it very effective at close range. The weapon upgrades into Whispering Regurgitator when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.

This weapon is similar to PDW from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and has a high clip size which makes it ideal when it comes to spraying from the hip-fire and dealing with undead at close range.

The weapon changes into Barrage when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.


This weapon is available in The Giant map and similar to other shotguns, is extremely effective in the zombie mode. The weapon changes into Dragon’s Glare when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.

205 Brecci
This is a semi-auto shotgun which can make short work of undead at close –to-medium range. This weapon upgrades into Stellar Screech when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.

This lever-action shotgun is especially very effective when it comes to ADS. It upgrades into Ancient Messenger when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.

This fully-automatic shotgun is probably one of the best guns in the game. But note that you will have to be closer to zombies in order to exploit its full potential. The weapon changes into Shoeshining 100 when used with Pack-a-Punch machine.


This weapon has a very high rate-of-fire for an LMG. You can use it ammo reserve and rate of fire to eliminate a ton of zombies without any problem. When used with Pack-a-Punch, this weapon becomes the Dire Wolf.

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