Understanding Halo 5 Guardians Requisition System, Customization, Req Cards and Req Packs

By   /   Oct 28, 2015
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Halo 5 Guardians introduces new means to personalize and customize your character in its multiplayer. A very important part of this customization is from the Spartan Hub, which is where you get to personalize your Spartan.

Understanding Halo 5 Guardians Requisition System

In addition to the Hub, the new Requisitions feature is also of the utmost importance if you want your Spartan to become a menace in multiplayer battle. This guide will cover the Spartan Hub, and will cover Requisition Packs and Cards with special detail.

Spartan Hub

The Spartan Hub is where you can customize your character and take a look at Requisition Cards. While in the game’s main menu, press the controller’s menu button to access the Spartan Hub.

While you’re here, you’ll have several things to look into.

This tells you everything you need to know about your Spartan. It shows your records, commendations, and mission intel, and is a summary of everything you’ve done so far.

This is probably where you’ll spend a good amount of time whenever you access the Spartan Hub. Here, you can alter your Spartan’s appearance, choosing from different armor, helmets, and visors.

You can further customize your Spartan by giving them emblems unlocked by acquiring REQs and commendations, choosing a stance, gender, death animation, and service tag. You’ll also have the ability to apply new weapon skins to your loadouts.

Here, you can manage all your Requisitions and access the stores to buy more. We’ll get into details about Requisitions in a bit.

The settings options lets you customize your controls, adjusting button and thumbstick layouts as well as settings for sensitivity, inversion, crouch, and sprint. There are also video & audio settings you can adjust to your liking.

Requisition System

The Requisition System is a completely new feature in Halo 5 Guardians that rewards you with essential items for spending time in Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer mode. Requisitions are directly tied to REQ points that are earned after each match in Arena or Warzone multiplayer.

These REQ points can then be used to purchase REQ Packs containing a variety of Requisition Cards. Requisition Cards offer a lot of different things, ranging from weapons, armors, vehicles, and more.

There are over 1,000 different Requisition Cards available in Halo 5.

Requisition Cards
The large amount of requisitions cards in Halo 5 come in two forms: Permanent or Single Use. As the names suggest, Permanent REQ cards can be used unlimited times once acquired while Single Us can only be used once.

Permanent REQ cards often include rewards like loadout weapons, helmets, armor, emblems, visors, player stances, assassinations, armor mods, certifications, and weapon skins.

Single-use REQ cards on the other hand offer powerful but limited rewards like power weapons, vehicles, power-ups, and XP/REQ boosts. Note that Requisition cards can be sold as well, and it’s usually a good idea to sell single-use cards you’ll never use to get some REQ points.

Requisition Card Structure
Requisition cards are somewhat like playing cards in structure. There is very specific information on the card that players have access to. These are:

  • REQ Name – All cards have a name that is at the bottom-middle of the card, clearly visible.
  • Rarity – The Rarity of a card is directly below the name. This shows how rare or precious a card is. The rarity ranks are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary. Rarer cards cost way more but give very powerful rewards.
  • Mythic Status – Some cards are so rare and so powerful that they are worthy of a ribbon. This ribbon is located on the bottom right corner of the card. Most cards don’t have this Mythic Status, but the ones that do are powerful enough to change the course of an entire battle when in the right hands.
  • Energy Cost – Activating a REQ card during battle consumes Energy during Warzone matches. The Energy Cost of the card is located on the right as a number.
  • Category – At the top right of the card will be an icon that indicates the category of the card. There are around 15 different categories, including weapons, armors, power-ups, boosts, and more.

Requisition Categories
The following are the categories of requisition cards:

Category: Loadout Weapons
Type: Permanent
Availability: Warzone

Category: Power Weapons
Type: Single-Use
Availability: Warzone

Category: Vehicles
Type: Single-Use
Availability: Warzone

Category: Power-Ups
Type: Single-Use
Availability: Warzone

Category: Armor Mods
Type: Permanent
Availability: Warzone

Category: Certifications
Type: Permanent
Availability: Warzone

Category: Weapons Skins
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Assassinations
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Stance
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Boosts
Type: Single-Use
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Armor
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Emblems
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Visors
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: Helmets
Type: Permanent
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Category: REQ Point Grant
Type: Single-Use
Availability: Arena and Warzone

Requisition Packs
Requisition Packs are sets of Requisition Cards that can be bought with REQ points through the Spartan Hub. There are different types of REQ Packs available to buy, each with varying prices and offerings.

You also tend to earn REQ Packs as rewards for new ranks or through retailer promotions. There are three purchasable Requisition Packs in the game: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Gold tends have the highest probability of Legendary cards. The cost of Bronze cards is 2,000 RP, Silver 8,000 RP, and Gold 18,000 RP.

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