Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Templar Hunts ‘Unqualified Success Guide

By   /   Oct 25, 2015
Syndicate Templar Hunt

Templar Hunts in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate are special assassination tasks that require you to eliminate targets using specific methods to complete the challenges successfully. They reward players with a good amount of XP and cash, but their best reward is teaching the player tons of different assassination tactics.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Templar Hunts

This guide will help you complete all the Templar Hunts in the game with a Full Synch, which requires very specific challenges to be met.

Harold Drake

Location: Whitechapel

Challenges: Kill Target with a crate of dynamite.

Recommended Level: 2

Reward (£): 132 + 75 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 200 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

Sneak into the market and work your way towards Harold. When you come near his location, you’ll notice him in an area that has pallets of food around. However, some of the boxes near the outside of this small area have dynamites in them instead of food.

Ignite these boxes and sprint as far as possible from the market. Harold should get killed in the explosion(s) and you’ll likely be out of the area by the time it happens.

Martin Church

Location: Lambeth

Challenges: Kill Martin with the Hidden Blade

Recommended Level: 4

Reward (£): 400 + 75 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 300 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

To kill Martin Church with a Hidden Blade, climb the church building and head all the way to the top. Assassinate the scout up on the roof and take a dive into the hay cart. Now, it’s just a matter of patiently waiting for the target to come close.

Once he does, whistle to bring him close enough to perform a grab and blade kill. Once you’ve taken care of him, climb back up the church and go over it to the other side to escape.

The Lambeth Bullies

Location: Lambeth

Challenges: Prevent Bullies from killing more than two civilians

Recommended Level: 3

Reward (£): 265 + 75 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 250 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

A bunch of bullies shouldn’t be a problem for an assassin. Climb up the buildings that surround the courtyard where the bullies are located.

From there, jump to the connected buildings. Scan the area for a rope that allows you to jump down and kill Clyde instantly. Once you did, rush towards Ada and kill her as well. These two are the only bullies that kill civilians.

Ignore the rest of the adds and try to flee the area to complete the mission.

The Fletchers

Location: Lambeth

Challenges: Kill both targets at the same time

Recommended Level: 3

Reward (£): 264 + 75 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 250 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

As you approach the targets, opt to move from roof-to-roof while keeping track of the Fletchers.

Wait patiently till the move to the south side of the area. Move to the roof when they are positioned there. You have two options now: perform a double assassination, or simply use the Nitro crate nearby to kill them.

The latter is a safer and easier way of doing it, though it can attract lots of attention if you fail. Once both are dead, take the roofs again and make an escape.

The Jekyll Brothers

Location: The Thames

Challenges: Have a police officer kill one of the targets

Recommended Level: 3

Reward (£): 132 + 75 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 200 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

The docks prevent you from using roofs, so take a slower approach on the ground. Use your Eagle Vision to find the targets, and bump into them (or simply hit them) to chase you. Once they start, simply find the closest police officer.

As you get close to the officer, make sure you avoid bumping into him. He’ll automatically start fighting the targets.

One of the brothers will get caught in a losing fight against the officer, during which time you’ll have to locate the other one and kill him. Once you do, simply use the waters nearby for an easy escape.

Tom Eccleston

Location: The Thames

Challenges: Kill target with an Air Assassination

Recommended Level: 4

Reward (£): 264 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 250 + 125 (Full Synch Bonus)

Head towards the location of the target and use the walkway near the road. Head to the south portion of the restricted area and jump onto the ledge. Once on the ledge, look for the end of the dock below.

Use your Eagle Vision to spot Tom, and wait for him to walk into range. Perform an Air Assassination on him, then head back up the wall and run across the street to get out of danger.

Captain Hargrave II

Location: The Thames

Challenges: Dispose of the target’s body in the Thames River

Recommended Level: 4

Reward (£): 264 + 100 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 250 + 125 (Full Synch Bonus)

The target is on board a ship in the middle of the Thames River. You’ll need to get on one of the ships surrounding him and get on the high mast. Once you are on high ground, look down and use your Eagle Vision to spot Hargrave.

Use your Rope Launch and attempt an assassination from above. Kill the other enemy on his boat quickly, then throw the target’s body into the river. Jump into the river after the body and swim away to safety.

The Slaughterhouse Siblings

Location: City of London

Challenges: Have Charlie kill her brother

Recommended Level: 5

Reward (£): 264 + 125 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 250 + 150 (Full Synch Bonus)

Head to the top of the house in the center of the courtyard and kill the scout on the roof and the other on the balcony. Once you’ve done so, use ledge assassinations to kill off some of the enemies inside.

Enter the house quickly after this, taking care of the remainder of the adds. Make sure to leave the siblings for the last.

Once the entire house is clear, have your hallucinogenic dart ready. Once you sport Charlie, shoot her and exit the house. She will take care of her brother herself thanks to the dart.

Once her brother is dead, head back into the house and finish her off any way you please. Head back to the streets and make a run for it to escape.

Myrtle Platt

Location: Southwark

Challenges: Kill the target using hanging barrels

Recommended Level: 5

Reward (£): 400 + 125 (Full Synch Bonus)

XP: 300 + 150 (Full Synch Bonus)

Head to the top of the factory and enter it through the door on the roof. You’ll be on the top floor. Take out the single scout here, and then move to the next level. You’ll encounter another guard here as well.

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