G2A Says League of Legends Sponsorship Ban is Damaging to eSports Community

By   /   Oct 9, 2015
League of Legends

We recently reported that League of Legends developer banned G2A from sponsoring teams including Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud-9, and H2K and also removed keyseller logo from the merchandise at the Worlds 2015.

Following this, G2A issued its response in a press release saying that behavior exhibited by League of Legends developer is heavy handed and potentially damaging towards the entire eSports community.

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G2A writes that Riot Games launched an aggressive attack towards the entire eSports community and is a failed attempt at controlling the entire industry:

[League of Legends developer have] launched an aggressive attack directed towards the entire global e-sports community in a failed attempt to dominate and control the industry. [Riot Games e-mail] has the ability to impact negatively on e-sports, especially during this fabulous time when hopes are so high for great e-sports events.

G2A continued that the company tried multiple friendly ways to come to a resolution, but all their efforts were met with ‘more and more demands’.

The company also stated that it invested around $6 million in sponsoring eSports events and asked fans to comment on Riot’s decision across the social media.

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This is Riot’s final word [for Worlds 2015] and it is so unfair for the e-sport community worldwide.

What is your take on this entire fiasco between League of Legends developer and G2A? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: PCGamesN.