Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Chests Locations Guide – How to Open

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How and where to find all Dreadnaught Chests in Destiny: The Taken King.

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Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Chests Locations

There are a total of 10 Dreadnaught Chests located in the game. Out of these 10 chests, 9 require a special key which are obtained after a completely random, long, tedious, and luck-based process.

You basically need to obtain a Wormsinger Rune from a hive drop and insert the rune in a ‘Crota Chest’. Once this is done, you need to kill the incoming hive drop and the hive champion; a large Ogre.

Following this, you need to obtain the Wormfeeder Rune from the Ogre and complete Wormfeeder Rune challenge which requires you to kill 50 enemies.

After everything is done, the rune will be transformed into a random key; there are 9 possibilities.

There is one Dreadnaught Chest, however, that doesn’t require a key is Scent Chest which requires a unique solution. Lastly, these chests usually contain Encrypted Engrams, Strange Coins, Calcified Fragments, and Legendaries.

In this guide, I’ve shared the locations of all Dreadnaught Chests in the game and the solution to opening the Scent Chest:

Akka Chest Location
The Akka Chest is located on the right-side of a platform facing the Court of Oryx. You’ll have to crawl through some holes and search the large room before the area with the Ascendant Soul Rock and the Taken Consumption Sludge.

Ur Chest Location
You need to start a patrol on Dreadnaught and jump off the ledge to the lowest level. Once you get there, turn around and enter the hallway followed by heading right from the first intersection to find the chest.

Yuul Chest Location
Head right from the Court of Oryx platform and reach the walkway. Head to the terrace and use Ghost to climb the invisible platforms and find the chest on the other end; on another terrace.

Maggots Chest Location
You need to head to the area where Mausoleum connects to Hull Breach and head inside the door between the staircases. Head left and you’ll come to the area containing the Maggots Chest on a platform.

Xol, Eir, Spawn, Gnashing Teeth, and Wyrding
You can check out the locations of these chests in the video guide attached underneath:

A Scent is Key Chest
You need to head to the area where Mausoleum connects to Hull Breach and head inside the door between the staircases. Head left and you’ll come to the area containing the Maggots Chest on a platform.

Once you get there, you need to wait for exactly 60 seconds for your character to get de-buffed.

After your character is de-buffed – it’ll have blurred vision – you’ll have exactly 60 seconds to reach the chest located on a terrace right opposite of where Yuul Chest is located.

Do note that, you need to use your most agile character for this or you won’t make it to the chest.

If there is something else you’d like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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