List of Platform Exclusive FIFA 16 Achievements and Trophies

By   /   Sep 10, 2015
FIFA 16 4

EA Sports has shared a massive list of achievements and Trophies for FIFA 16 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Many of these achievements/trophies are exclusive to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, there are others exclusive to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Values are separated as such: Xbox One/PlayStation4/Origin

  • Try-outs 15G/Bronze/15
    Use all 7 substitutions in a Pre-Season game in Career Mode
  • Head start 15G/Bronze/15
    Win a Pre-Season tournament in Career Mode
  • All bases covered 15G/Bronze/15
    Complete all basic Skill Games
  • Teacher’s pet 15G/Bronze/15
    Get an A grade for all the drills in a Skill Games category
  • Lead by example 15G/Bronze/15
    Improve 1 attribute in Player Career Mode
  • I’ll do it myself 15G/Bronze/15
    Play 5 training drills in Manager Career Mode
  • Proving grounds 15G/Bronze/15
    Play a Drop-In Match in Pro Clubs
  • More to come 15G/Bronze/15
    Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match
  • Just a little off the sides 15G/Bronze/15
    Change your Online Pro haircut
  • Grab the popcorn 15G/Bronze/15
    Watch an EA SPORTS News video
  • Going Pro 15G/Bronze/15
    Join a club with your Online Pro and play your first match in Pro Clubs
  • We are the champions 30G/Silver/30
    Win a Division Title in Online Head to Head Seasons (must be obtained through game-play)


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Values are separated as such: Xbox 360/PlayStation3

  • You struck gold! 25G/Silver
    Scout and find a player with any combination of 3 GTN player attributes
  • Management at its best 50G/Silver
    Win a Trophy as a Team manager
  • From zero to hero 30G/Silver
    Get your PAP to be featured in the Team of the Week
  • Baby steps 15G/Bronze
    Complete all Drills in FIFA Basics
  • Quiz completed 15G/Bronze
    Fill up all Team Sheets slots
  • Start the quiz 15G/Bronze
    Create a New Team Sheet
  • Gold acquisition 15G/Bronze
    Buy a player which is in a league above you
  • Never quit 30G/Silver
    Play a consecutive match in Seasons

To see achievements/trophies available across all platforms, visit here.