Terraria Latest iOS Update Bridges the Gap Between PC and Mobile Releases

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The iOS version of 2D sandbox game Terraria has received a new update which makes the game closer to the PC counter-part.

The said update is now available for download and includes a number of changes, balance mechanics, and more.

The main highlights of the update includes longer day and night cycles – similar to PC ones – in Hardmode, stronger enemies, better auto-aim, and a number of bug fixes.

  • Day and night cycle’s are now longer once entering hardmode
  • Day and night cycles are now longer when an event is happening
  • Enemies overall are stronger than before
  • Bloodmoon is more aggressive, spawning more enemies
  • Eye of Cthulhu, does a little bit less damage in phase 2
  • Servants of Cthulhu have a high chance to drop a recovery heart
  • Goblin invasions are more likely to spawn in pre-hardmode and less likely in hardmode
  • Queen Bee has more health, slightly higher defense and damage
  • Lihzahrd temple traps can now only be mined using the picksaw
  • Golem has more defense
  • Meteor’s are now slightly smaller in size, causing less destruction
  • Eclipse now has a higher chance to spawn
  • Mushroom spear buy price has been changed to 70 gold
  • Cutlass has been slightly nerfed

In addition tot this, there are several bug fixes like faster searches for the local network games, minor twearks, and more:

  • Auto aim has been improved
  • Zooming is disabled as long as you are using a virtual joystick, hopefully causing less accidental zoom in’s
  • Player emit’s a dark blue light
  • Fixed bug where ice bat would drop staff of frost
  • Fixed bug where minimap would not display the correct colors
  • Fixed bug where heart crystals would give off the incorrect sounds
  • Fixed bug with smart mining where it would not go by default to the tree center
  • Fixed bug where ranged weapons would shoot to slow
  • Fixed bug where cactus would never grow during world generation
  • Smart mining no longer breaks torches and ropes
  • Armor no longer should auto equip into vanity slots
  • Rope climbing has been improved
  • Jumping has been improved
  • Smart mining has been improved
  • Fixed bug where cursed sapling was not being dropped by mourning wood
  • Fixed bug where NPC icon’s on the minimap would be really small
  • Fixed bug where pirate map would drop everywhere in the world. Now it can only be found near the sea
  • Fixed bug where item stats would not correctly reset when switching tabs
  • Lihzahrd door is no longer breakable using dynamite
  • Network code has been improved
  • Fixed bug where turtle armor could instantly destroy the dungeon guardian
  • Fixed crash related to putting chests on boulders
  • Fixed a bug related to recognized biomes, Plantera should no longer enrage while she is still in the jungle
  • Fixed bug where mannequin was not properly rendered

Moreover, there are some v.1.3 changes:

  • Chlorophyte is able to turn corrupted/bloody grass into grass and dirt into mud
  • Sunflowers give off light during the night
  • Pinky now has a higher chance to drop the slime staff
  • Searches faster for local network games
  • Fixed bug where, when a player had vanity items equipped, the shown defense was incorrect
  • Fixed bug where goblin scout and king slime never meet the requirements to spawn
  • Tweaked the way biomes get recognized, resulting in better biome switches
  • Tweaked the way recipes are discovered

Did you get a chance to try out the new Terraria update on iOS? Do not forget to share your impressions with us in the comments section below!

Source: TouchTapPlay.

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