Until Dawn Will Take About Nine Hours To Complete, Supermassive Games

By   /   Aug 22, 2015
Until Dawn

PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn will release in a few days and will take players on a journey of horror, mystery and fear.

This journey will last around 9 hours, according to developer Supermassive Games.

Until Dawn will offer players different paths and developers don’t know which path players will choose, they had to make sure every path offers a satisfying ending. They couldn’t have a version that only lasted an hour, this created difficulties while structuring the game, but they managed to pull in off.

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Supermassive said:

That took a lot of structural work, to map all the options out really, really carefully. We used a very sophisticated software for that, with something of a 3D map, and that was a feat on itself, to make things happen. We also had to populate those areas with gameplay, dialogue, action… It was a lot of work. In the end, I would say nine hours is a safe bet for the first playthrough.

Everyone has their own take on how long a game should be, for example, I was OK with The Order 1886 ending in around 6 hours; so a 9 hours playthrough is fine with me, what about you? Are you OK with Until Dawn being 9 hours long?

Until Dawn comes out on August 25 for PlayStation 4.