First Wave of Steam Hardware Pre-Orders Sold Out

By   /   Jun 30, 2015
Steam Controller New

The first wave of pre-orders for the upcoming Steam Hardware has all been sold out, Valve has announced.

Pre-orders were opened up earlier this month for the Alienware Steam Machines, Steam Link, and Steam Controllers, with the added incentive of receiving your purchase a whole month early. Those who decided to wait before becoming an early buyer will now have to wait further.

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According to Valve, those who managed to successfully take advantage of the first wave of pre-orders will receive their hardware on October 16. From here on, anything you purchase following a replenishing of stock, will be sent to you on November 10.

Steam Machines are focused on a smaller factor design for living rooms, but with the potential power of a gaming PC. The systems are going to be running SteamOS and will come with a Steam Controller.

Alienware is not alone, and many third-party manufacturers have their own versions of Steam Machines. You can also see what ASUS and iBuyPower are offering. The concept was to provide a price close to that of a console’s but with the processing power of a PC. Some manufacturers, though, missed reading this memo.

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Steam Link is Valve’s new toy that allows users to stream their games from a PC to TV in a different room. It requires you to have your own gaming rig and costs only $50. On that note, the Steam Controller costs $50 as well.

You can check this official page for more details on either of the products.