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Just Cause 3 Release Date Confirmed, Coming December 1, 2015

By   /   Jun 16, 2015

Avalanche Studios opened the Square Enix E3 2015 Press Briefing with brand new information on the upcoming sandbox title, Just Cause 3.

The game is scheduled to arrive on Dec. 1, 2015 across PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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The studio provided a gameplay trailer detailing all sort of crazy stunts that players will be able to perform in the upcoming iteration.

Avalanche Studios has also affirmed that Just Cause 3 has been polished and will provide ameliorated controls and functionality.

The game is set in the Mediterranean and will witness the return of the Grappling Hook and Parachute. In addition to this, it will also feature the all new Wingsuit which will allow players to access otherwise inaccessible areas and will have its own dedicated challenges.

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The in-game world is full of collectibles and challenges to undertake and spans across 400 square kilometers. You can check out the in-game trailer attached above for more information.

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