Destiny XUR Location and Exotics For June 12-14; MK.44 Stand Asides, Universal Remote on Sale

By   /   Jun 12, 2015

It’s Friday and XUR: Agent of the Nine has invaded Destiny servers. All the Strange Coins and Motes of Light you have gathered since last Friday is what XUR has his eyes on.

Some exotics are on display but sadly, XUR has brought nothing notable this week for us. Below you can see what XUR has in his inventory for June 12-14.

Location: XUR is available at the Tower East, in the lounge area at the bottom of the stairs.

MK. 44 Stand Asides

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Defense: 296 / 325
Light: 30 / 36
Strength: 126 / 135
Price: 13 Strange Coins
Type: Exotic Leg Armour
Class: Titan

Mask of the Third Man

Defense: 451 / 491
Light: 36 / 42
Intellect: 104 / 110
Price: 13 Strange Coins
Type: Exotic Helmet
Class: Hunter

Light Beyond Nemesis

Defense: 451 / 491
Light: 36 / 42
Strength: 109 / 115
Price: 13 Strange Coins
Type: Exotic Helmet
Class: Warlock

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Universal Remote

Attack: 334 / 365
Magazine: 5
Price: 23 Strange Coins
Type: Exotic Shotgun
Class: All

Apart from these items, XUR has Exotic Shard (7 Strange Coins) and Engram (23 Motes of Light) on sale. Xur will head back to wherever he comes from in a couple of days, so if you see something worth your hard earned Destiny currency, grab it before he goes away.