Possible New Game Mode for Hearthstone Teased

By   /   Jun 9, 2015

It seems that Blizzard is readying its online multiplayer card game Hearthstone for an entirely new game mode.

There is no official word out yet about it, but Blizzard teased the high possibility of one through a clever GIF posted by the Hearthstone official Twitter account.

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The subtlety of the tweet makes it easily miss-able, but if you’ve played Hearthstone several times, you’ll notice that there’s a sneaky additional fourth game mode option available in the GIF above. Of course it’s blank for now, but it certainly seems to be a very obvious hint at what’s to come.

This is following the announcement of Blizzard’s plans to include new heroes and content in Hearthstone just a few days ago.

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Hearthstone does have a tendency to become repetitive (like most online multiplayer games), so it is obvious that a big company like Blizzard will constantly role out fresh new features to keep thing interested. What could be better than an entirely new game mode?

So what is the new game mode exactly (if it is that in the first place)? Well, it’s anyone’s guess. Some are suggesting it’s a new tournament 2v2 mode, while others are simply refraining from judgement and predictions.