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Square Enix Announces New F2P Shooter Called Figureheads

By   /   Jun 8, 2015

Square Enix has announced a new free-to-play multiplayer shooter game called Figureheads. The game is set to be exclusively for the PC, and is a mecha shooter scheduled for release later this year.

According to Square Enix, Figureheads is a ‘strategic’ shooter that has mechanics built around a 10 player combat system. The game is free, but it will also have the well-known cash shop from where certain items can be purchased.

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In addition to the game’s basic setup, Square Enix also revealed Figureheads’ back-story. Set in an alternate reality Earth, the game is a result of an unsuccessful attempt by mankind to destroy in incoming gigantic meteor, which ultimately broke into fragments and destroyed many cities, making them inhabitable due to the noxious materials of the fragments.

As a result, mankind went underground, and started creating mechs to carry out surface operations. These unmanned mechs were then ultimately used by youngsters for entertainment purposes in a competition called BOTGame, whose popularity spread rapidly.