The Witcher 3 Witcher Contracts Guide – Tips, Locations, How to Trigger

By   /   May 23, 2015

There are a total of 26 Witcher Contracts in the game: 1 in White Orchard, 11 in Velen, 8 in Novigrad, and 6 in Skellige.

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The Witcher 3 Witcher Contracts

Our guide provides a complete walkthrough of how to acquire these quests and complete them:

Devil by the Well

Read the Noticeboard in the White Orchard to know about Odolan who requires someone to drive away a monster from a nearby well. Find Odolan on the western edge of the White Orchard, settle your price, and begin the hunt.

After setting up your terms, continue along the south side and reach the Abandoned Village to find the monster. Arrive at the scene and use your Witcher’s Senses to examine the following things:

  • A corpse near the bushes
  • Marks near the grass around the well
  • Opening up the Bestiary and reading up about Wraiths

After completing these things, you’ll see three objective areas on your mini-map. Visit these areas one by one and find the following things from there:

  • A dead stabbed man
  • A small yellow diary
  • Blood marks on the floor

Once you’ve found all the required items, head back to the well and jump into the well to find another item crucial to summoning the monster. After you jump into the well, swim to the shore and use your Witcher’s Senses to find the woman’s bracelet.

Once you’ve acquired the bracelet, no need to beat around the beat. Jump under the water from where you acquired the bracelet and swim underwater to reach a new area – emerge often to replenish your stamina.

Continue swimming underwater until you come out of a rivulet outside and head back to the well. After a small cut-scene, a Noonwraith will appear near the well. But before you begin the fight, check out the Bestiary to see her weaknesses which are; Dimeritium, Moon Dust, Specter, and Yrden Sign

I defeated the Noonwraith on Blood and Bones difficulty and the strategy I stuck to was using Yrden Sign to trap the monster and delivering a couple of Fast Blows before heading back a few steps.

I also found that rolling back instead of dodging and maintaining a safe distance helps a ton. Once you manage to kill the Noonwraith, loot her body, and head back to Odolan to claim your rewards.

The Oxenfurt Drunk

You begin this quest after reading the Noticeboard in Oxenfurt. Unpin and read ‘Monster in Oxenfurt’ and head over to Dockside to speak with Nikolas Friedman. Friedman asks you to slay a monster in the same area. Interrogate further and determine your price if you wish before proceeding.

Head south from Friedman’s location and head inside a hut to speak with the Medic. Force the Medic to hand you over the morgue key to proceed with the investigation. From there, head to the Oxenfurt Morgue and use your Witcher’s Senses to examine two corpses and gather more evidence.

After gathering the evidence, head to The Alchemy Tavern and find a crying woman inside the bar. While talking to her, you can either get her a drink (30 Crowns) or use Axii Delusion Level 3 to influence her.

Whatever you choose, you’ll learn about the location of the crime scene. Head outside the The Alchemy Tavern and use your Witcher’s Senses to locate a bracelet and know further about the monster. Once again head inside the The Alchemy Tavern and pay 50 Crowns to get yourself some cheap wine.

After the sunset, head outside and move from one objective area to the other. Finally, head towards the third objective area and into an alley where you’ll meet a vampire named Gael.

Use your Witcher’s Senses to track down Gael and head inside the building where the final battle takes place. For the battle, note that the boss is vulnerable to Moon Dust Bomb, Devil’s Puffball Bomb, Vampire Oil, Yrden Sign, and Igni Sign. After slaying the monster, loot its corpse and head back to Redanian Officer to claim your reward.

The White Lady

You can start this quest either from reading the Noticeboard near the Portside and Glory Gates or by finding corpses near Castle Drahim. Speak with Helma on the south side of the settlements, interrogate further, before finalizing your price.

After investigation, search for the bodies of the victims. The bodies are located on the south side of the settlements. Once you arrive at the scene, use your Witcher’s Senses to gather more evidence which includes:

  • A frightened corpse
  • Beer bottles
  • A dried up body
  • A pale body
  • Uneven footsteps in the area
  • Bloodied hay

Keep on tracking the footsteps which will lead you to Drahim Castle. Once you arrive there, head down to the cellar, discover and observe the last dead body. To gather more evidence, head back to Helma at the village and acquire Noonwraith’s silver dagger.

Return to the bonfire where Micko and his men died and burn the silver dagger to summon the Noonwraith. By this point, you should have no difficulty in dealing with a Noonwraith. Still you can use Dimeritium Bomb, Moon Dust Bomb, Spectre Oil, and Yrden Sign to make short work of her. After you manage to put her to rest, loot her corpse, and head back to Helma to claim your reward.


To start this quest, either read the Noticeboard in the southern harbor village of Fyresdal or find a cow’s corpse in the northern fields. After this, find Vagr near the village signpost and begin your further investigations.

You can also negotiate for a better reward if you wish – you’re going to slay a dragon after all!

After settling your price, head to the victims’ mother and ask her to investigate the corpses of her children whom the dragon killed. Use your Witcher’s Senses to investigate the bodies before proceeding.

After leaving her house, use your Witcher’s Senses to track down the dragon near the intersection in the road. Continue ahead while using your Witcher’s Senses and investigate a dog’s dead body.

From this point, return to the village and acquire a young sheep to use as a bait. Once you get back to the fields with Mia, use Axii to guide the sheep to the same location where you found the dog’s corpse.

After guiding it there, back up and wait for the dragon to appear in the area. I highly recommend ending the battle as quickly as possible and using Golden Orlole, Grapeshot Bomb, Draconid Oil, and Aard Sign to gain an advantage.

After you manage to slay the dragon, loot its body and return to the village to claim your rewards.

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