Rumor: Shenmue 3 Could Be In Development For PS4 and PC

By   /   May 22, 2015
Shenmue 3 (4)

If you are a fan of Shenmue games, we have some great news for you. It seems that Shenmue 3 is in development at SEGA and it could release for PlayStation 4 and PC in the near future. An Xbox One version doesn’t seem to be on the cards for now.

The source of this news were some images, that allegedly are from some behind closed doors event. However, since E3 is right around the corner it is very much possible this is just a troll. We as gamers have seen plenty of them over the years for different games.

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The images were published by Game Talk, who claim that Square Enix and Sega and are teaming to bring us HD remasters of the first two games, following with a release of Shenmue 3.

Shenmue 3 (1)

The images feature Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the first two games along with three palates with one, two and three slits on them, suggesting Shenmue 3 is coming.

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Shenmue 3

If you ask me, I think these images are fake but still we would love to believe Shenmue 3 is coming. E3 is just a couple of weeks away and if there is any truth to these images and to the speculations being made regarding them, we will know at the event.

Oh and one of the images suggests that whatever this is, it’s coming in Spring 2016.