Here’s the Difference Between Mario Kart 8 200cc and 150cc

By   /   Apr 9, 2015

We were all excited when April’s Nintendo Direct announced that Mario Kart 8 was going to get much more faster with the new 200cc racing class.

However, how fast is that to be exact?

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Nintendo UK has answered that question for us by releasing a new comparison video. As you can see in the footage embedded above, the 200cc version boasts a much faster and much more exciting race.

It features the same track (Piranha Plant Pipeway) and the same character, the only difference is in the speed which is really magnificent.

When Nintendo revealed the 200cc level on April 2, they had also confirmed that it will be a free addition to Mario Kart 8. However, fans will have to wait a little before they can actually try their skills at it.

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The 200cc level of Mario Kart 8 is going to make way to you on April 23, 2015. Until then, check out the video above and tell us if you think you can handle that speed.

Oh and lastly, April 23 is also the date when the new Animal Crossing DLC is going to make its way to your Wii U. It costs $7.99, just in case you wish to purchase it.